View Full Version : STAMINA PUNISH slight rework

04-13-2018, 09:35 AM
I really think that heroes that have stamina damage should not be able to drain stamina when your out. Meaning, i think stamina drain should not work when players are exhausted. its INSANE that conc can shield bash u out of stamina (why this ability needs to even have stamina drain is beyond me with its power level, maybe the nerf will help this) and as your trying to recover he can just keep bashing you and you can really never get your stamina back(can but sometimes very hard and very frustrating). stamina drain is already very strong, but think about the idea of stam drain not working when your already exhausted. Its already bad enough when you run out from these moves. people will probably start saying that then everyone will just use up their stamina vs these heroes with stamina drain but i don't think they will as they will still get smashed when they run out. if the devs don't think this is a good idea, maybe we can meet in the middle where if your out of stamina and you get hit by a stamina drain ability you will simple stop the region for a very small amount of time but not keep going negative over and over. we need a better way out from this evil trap of stamina drain!

Please any opinions from anyone on this would be appreciated. maybe I'm missing a good reason to keep it how it is and if so please explain your thoughts. thanks y'all!