View Full Version : Unable to Progress Story in Faith’s Region

04-12-2018, 04:31 PM
I’ve been unable to advance the story in Far Cry 5 on Xbox for over a week because of a bug with Faith’s story mission.

After I was told I’d be entering the Bliss for the “Ignorance is Bliss” story mission, I waited for it to happen, but nothing occurred. I continued to do other missions and explore to see if it would trigger, and I noticed that she would appear randomly at times in the world with a story marker over her head. She wouldn’t do anything but creepily hum cult hymns, and even though there was an option to talk to her if I held X, it didn’t do anything.

I’m now maxed out on points in Faith’s region with it telling me it’s time to confront her, and I haven’t even been able to finish the prior missions with her. I’ve tried resetting my Xbox, seeing if it worked for my friends in co-op, and nothing works—she just appears randomly and stays there humming unless I walk away or shoot her to make her disappear. I can’t fast travel, barely anything I do saves my progress as a result of this, and I’ve done too much in the game to want to spend the time to redo it all over this issue. Just really disappointing that a game like this would have issues stalling or preventing the story progression