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04-12-2018, 03:12 PM

04-13-2018, 03:54 PM
My Anime opening would be a bit diffrent, but i donīt own the tech to m,ake it properly, so i will use the power of words and imagination to show it( i have no Soundtrack for it):

A dark background appears with an Radiant Apple of Eden that shows us a golden wall, the Apple rotates and shine until it goes dark along with the Room. The Assassinsīs logo appears and the apple is seen again shining and rotating, it stops and then the Templar Cross and it goes dark again only to illuminate the Room again that to go dark showing us an altered Assassin logo and then shines yet again, but then a Mysterious hand emerges and grasps the apple. This strange person raises the Apple up to the air andmake it create a blast of light that transform the Golden screen into a empty Blue Corridor that shows the slowly emerging Title: Assassins Creed.

It then shows us a Boy named Elijah (http://assassinscreed.wikia.com/wiki/Elijah)walking in the City, with an depressed look. He he sees a Chimpanzee with a Neclase with the name Lucy engraved in it. This triggers a Memory of his Ancestor, who saw a Golden light shininning in a Isu City and follows it through Climbing. The Ancesto then Follows the apple until he took it from this Mysterious being in the Shadows and transforms into a Human. From then on He climbs and Jumps throughout the History of Humanity until he lands on the Ground in the same Modern City with Elijah Standing up and smiling very bright. He is then seen following the Modern Assassins at first very doubtfully and then with the appearance of William, shaun and Rebecca being happy and they run to wards the world in search for PoE. They meet upon a Shaodw of the Black Templars in a dark screen with the Templar smybol, the Camera then zooms to Otso, who gives a Smug smile and stands there against Elijah. Then He finds himself in a Golden Corridor with his Gold eye glowing and sees a Golden Eyed version from himself as Enemy and then Emerges Junoīs spirit behind this Gold eyed double, his now Blue-eyed self then prepares for Battle, while behind him is a in a dark-blue Being with an Assassin logo and then the scene ends with an an clash of the two. After it, he sits with the other Assassins on a van looking in the Sky, while him seeing the Image of his Father, End.