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04-12-2018, 03:12 PM
I am an Orochi main, and the most irritating thing I have come across is the inconsistency of riptide strike and hurricane blast.

The problem with riptide strike religiously small, but essentially if you start it up there is a rather large window for someone to land a guard break that you cannot counter. Hurricane blast is a whole other story.

Hurricane blast is a powerful weapon that only the most skilled Orochis can pull off consistently. Unfortunately the hyper armor on it can be ignored by a variety of stun attacks. Conquerors shield bash, centurions kick, centurions punch, gladiators punch, gladiators toe stab, valkerys shield bash, shugokis headbutt, Kenseis pommel strike, nubushis kick, warlords headbutt, wardens shoulder bash, and shamans headbutt. This means that 10 of the 18 heroes in the game can cancel a skillfully obtained attack without any fear of being hit. Strangely enough valkerys sweep has no effect, making it even more of a joke. Hurricane blast needs uninterruptible status to remain useful in more than half of the game.

An unrelated, but no less frustrating, bug comes from the reworked conqueror. It has to do with his interaction with shinobis ranged attacks. If a cone attempts a shield bash, he can be hit out of it with any quick attack. However if the conq uses his shield bash he briefly is uninteracttable with shinobis ranged heavies and there is a brief moment after shield bash that ranged gaurdbreaks donít yield a grab even though any other gaurd breaks will. Concerning the heavies, the attacks pass throw him but donít hit him. If the conqueror is just barely out of his reach for shield bash but tryís it anyway, the a ranged attack will pass through him and the shinobi must wait the full recovery time for missing. Typically this yields a free gaurdbreak to the conqueror. This is seriously needs address because it breaks immersion and makes the fight unequal.

04-13-2018, 09:13 AM
1. Riptide Strike is to punish whiffs. You use it wrong if your enemy GB's you out of it.
2. Hurricane Blast is a mixup option for Orochi. If you would use Wind Gust against the enemies that have bashes - you would be fine as it will hit them before they can connect their bash. Again, you use the move wrongly.
3. Are you the guy with the video where you totally mistimed your attack as Shinobi on the Conq? Because there was an exact same "example" for this "bug" last week or the week before, with a video, and everybody told that guy that he messed up and there was no bug.

Show evidence please.

04-16-2018, 05:27 AM
I am a top .3 percent Orochi across all platforms. I understand his move set fully and I can correctly utilize it. I have since found other instances of people complaining about the conq shield bash bug and if you play shinobi in a custom match you can see for yourself.

Hurricane blast is hardly a mix-up option because whatever you feint it into is less beneficial than a parry or wind gust would have been to begin with unless you are against an assassin noob, but in that case the hurricane blast would have probably landed anyway. The only things you can feint it into is a wind gust which you could have done in the first place, a gaurdbreak which only can yield the same damage as a wind gust unless your opponent is out of stamina (but then they probably didnít throw an attack anyway), or a storm rush which is a powerful option but again only grants the same damage as a side heavy unless you are against an assassin in which case it does more damage than hurricane blast could have. The storm rush mixup is also only possibly if an assassin has side attacked otherwise any decent player will just parry it. You say just donít use it against heroes with bashes, but it is really any hero with a standing ublockable which is all but another Orochi, PK, or an Aramusha. It needs uninterruptible stance to be utelized in higher level play, the leaderboards give my statement some level of validity.

Concerning riptide strike I can relate this to kenseis swift strike directly. His swift strike has the same speed and is more telegraphed, but the immunity to gaurdbreak for him begins earlier and so anyone who attempts a gaurdbreak gets hit with the heavy. It should be the same for Orochi because it is a heavy and being able to punish a heavy with a GB rather than a parry to light Attack is a balancing problem (thatís why they had parry changes). It simply needs a small tweak to be much better.

I am not the same person who posted the video you referred to, but see for yourself in a custom match and you wonít have to wonder. Also donít be a ****** and immediately assume that player error has caused the issues I explained.