View Full Version : Don't make the naval combat too much Rock, Paper, Scissors

04-12-2018, 12:33 AM
I am very excited about Anno moving to the 19th century because I simply love the technology involved in naval combat during that time. The ships of the early steam age were as diverse in design as never before or since and sadly there are almost no games that feature naval combat in this era. To be honest I can only think of two and they are both very lacking in this aspect.

I often read that Anno is not a combat game but an economy game that has some combat in it. Thus I think that this proposal is very fitting to the game: Don't make the combat too much of a Rock, Paper, Scissors game. The pride and strength of the navies in the steam era was the battleship (yes, I know they mostly used different terms) and it should not really have a counter apart from another battleship. Of course there will be commerce raiders (cruisers or frigates) that can run away from a battleship and probably things like torpedo boats as well but I don't think the game would really benefit from every ship having a hard counter.

Here is why the fact that Anno is an economy game supports this proposal: Victorian britian was not the dominating naval power that it was because they had the right ships to counter their enemies, they simply had the biggest economy and the biggest fleet budget, allowing them toi build the most, biggest and baddest battleships and imho this should be the case with Anno 1800 as well. Of course there should be some skill involved in combat and different ship classes should all have their roles and should differ from one another in more aspects than cost but the battleship was the undisputed king of the seas and an object of great prestige in those times and it will benefit authenticity and gameplay alike if it is exactly that in the game - meaning that you have to build a fleet of great big battleships to rule the seas and that fleet should not be countered by a group of torpedo boats because the game decides that the big ships somehow can't do much against small ships.

Finally another small thing: I hope there will be a lot of different ships in the game, the diversity of ship designs really justifies this. It would be a shame if there is only one ship per type. Doesn't matter that much for sailing ships since they are very uniform in design but when it comes to ironclad steam warships there were dozens of different classes built and they differ a lot from one another.

Let me know what you think of my idea of naval combat for this game.