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04-11-2018, 04:51 AM
I have seen alot of griping or hoping for an entirely new set of factions for other races in for honor. But as the knights called upon thier eastern cousins the romans and greeks and vikings called the highlanders why not expand the factions more? Here are my heroes and thier trailer intros ;)

-age of the explorer-

(Enter icey foggy expedition on longboats)
Viking narrator: midgard was being overwhelmed by our enemies. The shaman (shaman drinking blood reading fire dancing) they told us we would find help to turn the tides of this war if we where to pass nilfhiem (the coldest and fogfiest realm in norse mythology. Aka north, a play on historical expeditions of Scandinavians to greenland and iceland and eventually they where first to the americas)

Death was sweet for those that went. (Dumping icey corpses off longboats leaving a trail in artic waters) nilfhiem was barren. Then we made it to vanahiem. Home of the vanir, ancient sorcerers of an even older world than ours (native americans) they were wary and we were greeted with much reproach. (Landing on coast and a rain of stone flint arrows) the vanir still used bone and stone. But they where formidible warriors and fought with thier hearts and a love for their sacred land. (Native lifting soil and letting it spill out of thier red hands) There where stories (cave paintings), the knights once came but they tried to change the people of vanahiem or purge them for colonization. They wern't having it. (Vikings sitting across fire with a chieftan smoking a peacepipe) when the knights at home needed help they recalled thier colonials. But we are not here to stay. There is no honor in running. Trade and dignity was all these peoples cared for we had the steel and architectual need they desired. And they where eager to strick back for the ones they had lost. And so are we

Native whoops, firedancing, wolf pelt helm, stone and bone mace bow and arrow, feathers, headress, stamina based fighter low health bar but brutal savage combos

Coming soon- they go even more south to recruit thier cousins the obsedian jaguar knights of mesoamerica

Perfect way to add different races without making a whole nother pointlessly interchangable faction

Next season- aborigini and afrikanz slaves of the monarchist knights rebel and take refuge with thier fellow barbarians.

********* samarai new recruits

(Queue the triangular oriental swoop ships making port in a beautiful serene oasis to a temple of monks practicing martial arts)
In the land of the xiaolin the oasis of peace was thought to have dulled thier edge by us. (Open palm slam, snake bite, crane stance spinning of the chinese dao sword) but we were wrong. Combat and contest was culture in this so called land of peace (shinobi pwned by monk) they agreed to sail back and we settled old differences and grudges. For now..... (Meditating shaved head robes no armor. An auto-evade weave function to make up for lack of armor,higher stun rate via pressure points low healthbar higher miss chance)

Across the alps. Where the worshippers of Kali and allah reign lay the next warrior to join our ranks. (Guru/Sheikh class skimitar wielding sword dancers a combination of hindi and arabic culture, turban or ottoman spadehelm, hijab for woman *halalalala emote or ohm*

Mongols wielding both a saber and halberk come to ride in battle

****** knights faction

(Lovely galleons making port home, families drinking tea and ballgowns royal courts.)

Who knew that deep within our own territory lie those who could secure our victory. The Lordlings, wielding courtswords and rapiers. Dressed to impress cocky but raised for the dual. (Two fencers dualing one with a featherhat and cape the other in a breastplate and halfhelm but identical styles precise and poised.)

The centurion pointed us to the next region to find the next formidable warriors destined to be our allies. Suprises never falter with our ancient cousins. (Galleons in a grand river in desert. Pyramids, sphinx, pharoah painted and posed nodding in agreement shaking hands with a centurión. Gold and copper clad egyptian warrior with a spear and khopesh (sicklesword)

Sail to greet spartans? 😓 or teutonic knights/hussairs?

04-11-2018, 08:51 PM
I was thinking it’d be interesting to have a monk like you suggested w/staff or a martial artist with Tonfas or Fist weapons like the Cestus.

Maybe the latter could have lots of parry and dodge counters, such as instantly following up a parry with a gut/head blow.