View Full Version : Back after 6 months

04-10-2018, 06:23 PM

I putted the game on shelf some time ago, i have 400h+ in game and I*ve been here since beta.

The changes that were made are welcome, no more GB after parrying the heavy, and better internet connection.

What bothers me is that everybody is playing assassins, and you have to have a gun to slow them down ( PK, ZERK, SHAMAN ).

What in the world happened to Kensei?? The good balanced hero they turned in to a god? Why not rework other 2 vanguards then as well?
In the "dominion" there is still acceptable that the whole team plays the same hero.. Why not max it to 2 or 1? Not to play against 4 PK or 4 ZERKS.....