View Full Version : Feats

04-10-2018, 06:12 PM
Can we get a featless dominion or just get rid of all annoying bombs, traps everywhere, arrow attacks/catapults, every attack is unblockable, rock steady(except for maybe shugoki, he needs all the help he can get), and applying bleed to attacks? I dont mind small feats or passive abilities like health off minion kills and things like that but some of these feats are so annoying to deal with. Bomb death here, catapulted here, massive trap damage with OOS and free attack here, impossible to wall or punish out of stamina rock steadiers, kenseis unblockable feat where you either run or become a parry god. Its frustrating to lose fights because of somesones feat rather than their skill and dominion just turns into just an annoying spam fest of bs as the game goes on.