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04-09-2018, 08:38 PM
So when will they either rework the feats or remove them all? I personally would like to see them all gotl they ruin the gameplay they are horribly overpowered some factions have way better feats than others, looking at you samurai. They require no skill to get and even less skill to use.

I will write all the feats currently in the game, and then give my opinion on them.

Level 1
Body Count - Nothing too wrong with this feat, can be annoying versing someone at objective b.
Conqueror - pretty useless
Come at me - Why?
Speed Revive - Needs to be toned down when combined with revive speed stat.
Bounty Hunter - Nothing wrong
Stealth - Feat should be nullified if last one alive to avoid wasting time.
Harsh Judgment - Should be level 2 feat at least.
Rush - Annoying, almost never seen.
Iron Lungs - Annoying, almost never seen.
Deadly - Not too bad with the cool down now.
Tireless - Essential for Raider.
Stun Trap - Annoying and easy to hide.
Fast Recovery - Nothing wrong.
Throw Farther - Nothing wrong.
Kiai - Better than all stunning feats, doesn't affect friendlies, quick cool down and stops enemy combo in their tracks.

Level 2
Thick Blood - While still annoying to bleed inflicting heros, some what tolerable with the cool down added.
Inspire - In a good spot right now.
Fiat lux - Amazing grunt killer, cool down is a bit too fast, make the blood boil when hit by friendlies.
Shield Basher - A bit too good with conqueror rework.
Juggernaut - Doesn't last long enough to make worth while.
Revenge Attacks - Doesn't seem to make a difference difference.
Righteous Deflection - Maybe switch from defence buff to attack buff?
Haymaker - Hard to say.
Centurion's March - didn't even know this existed.
Bear Trap - A ledgers favorite feat.
Marked for Death - Remove the reveal part.
Flesh Wound - In a good spot with the cool down.
Doom Banner - Just leave the zone and your fine.
Bloodlust - Maybe extend the duration a bit longer.
Winners Advantage - A bit much with the Highlander damage buff (60 on single hit is a bit much.)
Smoke Bomb - Annoying, like really Annoying.
Chilling stare - Remove the AOE or make it level 4 feat.
Rock steady - Remove the immunity to wall splats and revenge auto parries.
Kunai - Cheap damage.
Arrow Strike - In a good spot.
Shooting Stars - Can you even dodge this feat?

Level 3
Takedown - I forgot this existed.
Pugno Mortis - Reduce the AOE.
Second Wind - Switch from instant healing to healing over time.
Punch Through - tone down the damage maybe? I personally don't see this feat used too much.
Heal on Block - Doesn't seem that good with all the unlockables thrown into the game.
Crossbow - Not high enough for shapen blade yet?
Protective Revive - Seems useless when grabbing is an option.
Pugio - Cheap feat to get easy damage.
Sharpen Blade - Completely overpowered on assassins.
Neptune's Wrath - cheap easy damage
Boleadoras - Cheap feat to get easy damage.
Battlecry - Feels like it's In a good spot right now.
Fury - Shouldn't stack with any other damage buffs.
Tough as Nails - 200 health seems a bit excessive.
Throwing axe - Cheap easy damage.
Javelin - Cheap easy damage.
Long Bow - Cheap easy damage.
Hand Axe - Extremely cheap since it's a Shaman specific feat that benefits her greatly.
Steadfast - rarely seen in combat, seems annoying to come up against though.
Hard to Kill - used by ever Shugoki everywhere.
Slip Through - Irrelevant because shapen blade is an option.
Nukekubi - Once again irrelevant because if sharpen blade.
Flaming Arrows - Once again irrelevant because of sharpen blade.

Level 4
Catapult - The I win button, radius has way too big of a kill zone, comes in way to quicky based on what it does when it connects.
Stalwart Banner - Up the health regain value slightly?
Morale booster - Seems pretty balanced imo.
Uninterruptible - ' your actions can't be interrupted for a short duration' yes they can.
Regenerate - Seems to be in a good spot.
Fear Itself - Crazy that assassin's get this with their light spam.
Last laugh - Why?
Igneus Imber - Better than the catapult in terms of usefulness.
Phalanx - Thank God your not using the catapult.
Roar of the Crowd - Ovrr shadowed by fear Itself.
Fire Flask - Lasts a little bit too long.
Slippery - Haven't run in this feat too much, seems super annoying to deal with.
Auto Revive - Only effective on new players really.
Berzerker - Over shadowed by fear Itself.
Scout - Haven't unlocked fire flask yet.
Spear Storm - Deadly, though catapult and arrow storm are better.
Champion's Aura - way better than stalwart Banner but in a good way.
Nail Bomb - Easy to miss and way too much damage, makes every hero a one shot.
Arrow Storm - More forgiving if you miss your initial hit.
Unblockable - overpowered with the new kensei rework.
Staggering Blow - Great for annoying teammates.
Fire Trap - Not as good as the other traps for being a level 4 feat.
Yama Uba - Should be removed. Not everyone can react to light attacks like high level gameplay.

These are only my opinion, I would prefer all feats to be removed from the game I there is no chance of that happening. Hopefully we as a community can come up with a better feat system that Ubisoft will implement in the future at some point.

04-09-2018, 09:34 PM
I would agree with most of this, the thing that bugs me the most is being 1-shotted. For example, the other day I was stuck in a 1v3 and I managed to kill one. I was down to 1v2 and was holding my own when my teammate finally arrived to help me out, I had one hit left to kill a second attacker, when suddenly GAME OVER 1-SHOT CATAPULT from 75% HP. I think any damage that feats do should be percentage based and not flat damage, this way you can't technically be killed from a feat. I wouldn't mind if damage based feats were removed, some of the utility feats are acceptable.

04-09-2018, 11:24 PM
This is well known and Ubisoft doesn't care. I'll say it again. Ubisoft apparently cares only about the Git Gud crowd and casual players who hate this kind of blatant cheese are ignored.

04-09-2018, 11:47 PM
Did you just say samurai have the best feats? That is laughable. The only thing mostly different is firestorm which pales in comparison to the catapult

04-10-2018, 12:28 AM
Did you just say samurai have the best feats? That is laughable. The only thing mostly different is firestorm which pales in comparison to the catapult

They do, they have kiai which is literally impossible to dodge, it's a level 1 feat, it can't affect friendlies where as Fiat lux and all other traps can affect friendlies and be avoided. No other faction has this ability at level 1.
Rock steady is a level 2 feat that makes you immune to knock downs so you can't get punished heavily punished for attack when oos, you can't get wall spalted so you can't get punished heavily missing a CGB. Not other faction this feat or anything similar to it.
Chilling stare is also a level 2 feat which should be level 3 at the very least. It's basically fear Itself but inflicts it onto your oppent that will debuff the person you affected and friendlies as well. Raider has a feat similar but it only affects one person and lawbringer has the stamina reduction only I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Unblockable, kensei's last feat which turns ever. single. attack in an unblockable and with his new rework it's essentially free damage.
Yama Uba. You gave the Shinobi the ability to heal just by landing hits. Even if you block his attacks he still heals off of it plus he's an assassin with crazy fast lights how is that fair?

04-10-2018, 10:01 AM
Knights - any bomb and catapult... Enough said, they win that cheese fest.