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04-09-2018, 07:19 PM
Hi everyone!

I'm super excited to share with you this list of some questions/conversation topics that you can ask Sam! (Note that this thread will be updated on a weekly basis with the patch notes content).

Enjoy! :o



Who are you?
What's new Sam?
When are you updated?
Send me a meme!
Tell me a joke!
What is your favorite Tweet?
Do a Magic Trick!
How is the weather?
Beep boop!
Let’s play Trivia!
Give me an idea!
Do you watch movies?
Show me a video about cats!
Show me some fan art!
Help me relax!
Do I look good?
Show me cosplay pictures!
What’s the story of ?*
Which [Ubisoft Game] do you recommend?*
Send me [Ubisoft Game] latest trailer!*
Show me some Easter eggs!*
Execute Order 66!
Can you time travel?
How do you pronounce Ubisoft?
Show me your source code!
Do you speak binary?
What's your zodiac sign?
Do you like cake?
How to report a player?
I can't connect to Rainbow Six!
When is the next test server?
Where to download the test server?
How do I level up in Rainbow Six?
Do you know ItsEpi?



Give me your latest patch notes!
What is your purpose?
Which game do you work with?
Is [Game] a Ubisoft game?
How can I give feedback on Sam?
What is a Daily Login?
Give me tips for ?*
Can you summarize [Ubisoft Game] for me?*
How much time did I spend on [Ubisoft Game]?*
Give me [Ubisoft Game] Season Pass information!*
How much is [Ubisoft Game]?*
I want to buy [Ubisoft Game DLC], can you help?
What is [Ubisoft Game] release date?*
How can I become a Playtester?
How do I become a pro-gamer?
How can I work at Ubisoft?
I need technical support for [Ubisoft Game]!*
I have a problem with my Ubisoft account!
How can I change my username?
I want to change my email!
Who founded Ubisoft?
How many Ubisoft games exist?
Did Ubisoft win any game awards?
What was the first game made by Ubisoft?
How games are made?
How many Ubisoft studios are there?
Can you give me a gift?
What can I do with Club Units?
What is a Community Challenge?
What powers you AI?
When is your birthday?
Show me a behind the scene video
Tell me something I don’t know!
How can I share community content?
How can I report a bug in Sam?
How can I suggest idea to improve Sam?
Give me [Ubisoft Game] system requirements!
How to customize a vehicle?
How can I catch legendary fishs?
How can I get the Arcade weapon skin reward?
How to return to the main menu after the story?
Where can I get Ubisoft Club fan kits?

[U]Rainbow Six Siege

Show me Rainbow Six fail video!
Who is [Rainbow Six Siege operators]?
Send me tips for [Rainbow Six operators]
Give me attack/defense advice [Rainbow Six map]
What operator should I play?
How to counter [Rainbow Six Siege operators]?
What is [CTU]?
Why Lesion wears short?
Who is our lord savior?
What are Smoke's grenades made of?
Show me a R6 video!
What is Rainbow Six Pro League?
When is the Major league?
When is the pro league final?
When is the invitational?
What are the best weapons in Rainbow Six?
Why did you call me Rookie/Advanced/Expert?
How can I get better at R6?
Where can I get Rainbow Six elite skins?
What is Outbreak about?
How can I increase my FPS? / How can I reduce my PING?
How to report a cheater?
What is Rainbow Six doing against cheaters?
How can I change my keybind in Rainbow Six?
Tell me more about the Outbreak packs!
How to unlock the Happy Sam charm?
What are Weekly Challenges?
How does matchmaking works?
What is a dropshot?
Tell me more about Bartlett University!
Show me some Comic Strips!
What's your rank in Rainbow 6, Sam?
How to improve my aim?
Which operators should I choose for attack?
Which operators should I choose for defense?
Tell me more about Finka!
Tell me more about Lion!
How can I become diamond?
How effective are Rook's plates?
Tell me a creative way to use explosives in Rainbow Six!
How to play with claymore?
How to get more renown?
How to best use nitro cells?
Which guns reload faster?
How to roam?
How to use Barbed wire?
What is the ''Bandit trick''?
What is the ''Jäger trick''?
Give me trick with Ela's mine!
Who is the worst operator?
Do you know Pengu? (works also with other Rainbow Six Twitch streamers)
Give me roaming advice!
Give me flanking advice!
Give me anchoring advice!
Give me droning advice!
How can I counter roamers?
What's the best use for Mira's mirrors?
Send me the Rainbow six year 3 roadmap!
Tell me more about Hibana's x-kairos!
What is a potato aim?
What does clutch mean?
What are the most important causes of death in Rainbow Six?
What does Kapkan mean? (works also with other operators)
Tell me more about the Major annual tournament!
How does Dokkaebi's bomb work?
Tell me more about Ying's candela!
Do you know Shino?
What are Alpha packs?
Give me cool Valkyrie camera spots!
Show me the Rainbow Six Avengers trailer!
What is Operation health?
Show me a gun sync video!
Show me camera location!
What are cool ways to use Tachanka’s LMG?
Teach me the House of Mirrors trick!
What are Evil Eye best spots?
I have been banned by mistake, can you help?
What's up with Twitch Prime and Rainbow Six?
What's 2 Step verification?
What's Rainbow Six Twitch schedule?

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Can you give me my ACO stats?
How long does it take to finish AC Origins?
Which Assassin's Creed game should I play first?
How can I get Ezio’s outfit in ACO?
How can I get the Anubis outfit?
Requiescat in pace!
Can you name all the Assassins?
Give me Origins' documentary!
Show me some ACO Easter Eggs!
What are the best weapons in ACO?

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

What is the Assassin's Creed Odyssey release date?
Show me Assasin's Creed Odyssey latest trailer!
Can you sum up Assassin's Creed Odyssey 2 for me?
Will Socrate be in the game?
Do Kassandra and Alexios have different skills?
As a Spartan, do I have to side for Sparta in the Peloponnesian war?
Show me the latest trailer of Assassin's Creed Odyssey!
Give me cosplay guide of Kassandra!
Kassandra or Alexios?
Show me Assassin's Creed Odyssey gameplay!
Who is Sokrates, Barnabas, Phoibe, Herodotus, Hippokrates, Aspasia, Leonidas or Perikles?
How much space take Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
Tell me more about The Fate of Atlantis!
What is the max Level in Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
What are the reviews for Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
Tell me more about the Assassin's Creed Odyssey early access!
What can I do in Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
Which Odyssey abilities do you recommend?
Show me the Assassin's Creed Odyssey Live Action Trailer!
How to get the Mycenaean Dory?
Is there Club Challenges in Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
Tell me more about Project Stream!
What's Totino's Promotion?

Trials Rising

What is the Trials Rising release date?
Tell me more about Trial Rising beta!
How many bikes can I unlock in Trials Rising?
Will there be a map editor in Trials Rising?
How can I get sponsor contract in Trials Rising?
What is the University of Trials?

The Crew 2

Show me The Crew 2 latest trailer!
Tell me more about The Crew 2 Beta!
What is the Beta link for the Crew 2?
What is Ivory Tower?
How to accelerate in The Crew 2?
I can't connect to The Crew 2, can you help?
I'm having performance issues in The Crew 2, can you help?
What are the fun things to do in The Crew 2?
How to use the photo mode in The Crew 2?
How to brake in The Crew 2?
How to use handbrake in The Crew 2?
How do I redeem my Nvidia promotion code?
What are the controls for The Crew 2 on PC?
Will my progression be carried over from the Beta to the full version of The Crew 2?
What are the requirements for the Crew 2?
How to share feedback on the open beta?
How do I turn my The Crew 2 car into a boat or a plane?
How can I win Jetsprint boat races in The Crew 2?
What Motorsports families are available in The Crew 2?
What should I visit in The Crew 2?
Show me a The Crew 2 impressive stunt!
What are the best sounding cars in The Crew 2?
What is the best plane in The Crew 2?
Where are the live rewards in The Crew 2?
What's the fastest car in The Crew 2?
I can't use the video recording tools in The Crew 2!
What are all the exotic vehicles of The Crew 2?
How to quit a race in The Crew 2?
How to put the radio on in The Crew 2?
How much cost vehicles in The Crew 2?
Tell me more about the photo mode editor in The Crew 2?
I didn't take my loot after my race in The Crew 2, what should I do?
How to enable subtitle in the Crew 2?
Which accessibility features are included in The Crew 2?
How to change sensitivity in The Crew 2?
How to change the controls in The Crew 2?

Skull and Bones

Give me the Beta link for Skull and Bones
Show me the latest trailer of Skull and Bones!
What is the release date of Skull and Bones?
Can you sum up Skull and Bones for me?
How can I be a more skillful captain in Skull and Bones?
What weapons are available on a brigantine ship in Skull and Bones?
Show me Skulls and Bones gameplay!
What types of ships can I play in Skull and Bones?

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Can you sum up Beyond Good & Evil 2 for me?
Show me the latest trailer of Beyond Good & Evil 2!

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

What is the release date of Starlink: Battle for Atlas?
Show me the trailer of Starlink: Battle for Atlas!
Can you sum up Starlink: Battle for Atlas for me?
Where does Starlink: Battle for Atlas take place?
What is the defining concept of the game?
How do I push back the Forgotten Legion?
Tell me about Star Fox!

Far Cry

Who's Vaas Montenegro?
Who is Boomer?
Who is the best Far Cry villain?
Tell me a Far Cry joke!
How can I pet Cheeseburger?
Who is the Seed family?
Give me Eden’s Gate trailer!
Is Far Cry 5 co-op?
Tell me more about the Far Cry Series!
What’s new in Far Cry 5?
Sum up Far Cry 5 for me!
What is the metacritic score for Far Cry 5?
What are Far Cry 5 PC requirements?
Where can I find Mary May Fairgrave? (works also with many other characters)
Where can I find Cheeseburger? (works also with Peaches and Boomer)
How can I get the Cheeseburger bobblehead?
Who are the resistance?
What's Eden's Gate Cult?
Tell me more about the sniper playstyle! (works also with Stealth Assassin, Recon and Tank)
How to fill up the resistance meter?
Tell me more about Far Cry 5 vehicles!
Where can I find the Death Wish? (works also with Widowmaker)
What’s Joseph Seed’s Lore? (works also with many other characters - Thanks kankeuG for the suggestion :))
Send me the Far Cry 5 soundtrack!
Give me tips for Far Cry 5!
Tell me about homeopathics!
What are perk points?
How to unlock playstyle?
Give me the latest news on Far Cry 5!
What’s included in the Far Cry 5 collector edition?
What’s Far Cry Arcade?
I'm stuck in Far Cry 5!
Who are the peggies?
What’s a magnopulser?
Give me my Far Cry 5 stats!
Where to find Far Cry Arcade maps?
Where can I find the Far Cry 5 code of conduct?
How to get additional content for Far Cry 5?
How to catch the legendary fish?
There are texture issues in Far Cry Arcade!
How to quit a mission in Far Cry 5?
I can't launch Far Cry 5!
Give me the ULC list!
What is the Far Cry Arcade website for?
Show me the Far Cry 5 map!
What Montana fauna has to offer?
How to create a map?
What is Far Cry arcade night?

The Division

Give me my The Division profile!
How to get classified gear in 1.8?
Who is David Leitch?

The Division 2

Tell me more about The Division 2 Beta!
What is the The Division 2 release date?
Show me The Division 2 latest trailer!
Can you sum up The Division 2 for me?
Where does The Division 2 take place?
What happened between The Division 1 and The Division 2?
Will I be able to visit the United States Capitol in The Division 2?
What are the new Spec in The Division 2?
Show me the gameplay of the Division 2!
What are the new features in The Division 2?

For Honor

Is the Faction War rigged?
Give me tips for the Highlander! (Works also with other warriors)
Who do you main in For Honor?
What is Warrior's Den?
Send me the For Honor Avengers trailer!
Show me IRL weapons!
How to make cool emblems?
Send me a For Honor memes!
Who are For Honor voice actors?
Show me a For Honor cartoon video!
Show me a mocap session!
How do For Honor daily orders work? (Also works also with Contract and Event)
Who is Apollyon?

Splinter Cell

Is Conviction backward compatible?

*Might not be available for all Ubisoft Games.

04-11-2018, 06:14 PM
Will the splinter cell challenge have any additional missions added in the 35 day period or just the one?

04-24-2018, 11:36 PM
My suggestion is to bring back the D50 in the next event, or add a new gun like the MP7.

05-29-2018, 09:35 PM
Not sure if this is the right area for this.
I updated my xbox one s on 5/17/18
Fry cry 5 shows 0.1.0 on main screen
And if i go where the save file is shows
Fry cry 5 any ideas?

01-04-2020, 11:38 PM
When you ask him that if he can meow it says waf. When you meow it says woof. When you ask him if he can be a cat (I know this is a ridiculous question but I was bored) he says that he loves dogs. And when you change these questions with dog alternatives the answers are the same. Indicating he doesn’t know the difference between a cat and a dog. So let’s teach that.

07-14-2020, 08:36 AM
When I said "Hello there" he did not respond with "General Kenobi" even though he responds with "Hello There" when I say "General Kenobi" This will 💯% trigger every single Star Wars fan out there, please fix this