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04-09-2018, 06:35 PM
I was thinking about the Tier List on Console. I think it's different from the PC List (for the FPS)...which is your list? Let me know

04-10-2018, 01:30 AM
Itís definitely different on console. When I get a free moment, Iíll create mine.

04-10-2018, 04:55 AM
I think having an actual tier (s,a,b,c...ect) has become a little silly because it forces people to generalize multiple heroes who in all honesty arenít as evenly matched as clumping together would suggest. That being said Iíll just put them from best to worst. Keep in mind this is more going off 1v1. 4v4 is simply who has the best options and UB and you can take it from there. I also acknowledge that Iíll probably get flack from this list. Thatís ok, I guess. Itís my brutal honest opinion and Iím just going to lay it down how I feel it.

1. Kensei- they took the best of what he had: dodge attack, HA soft fients, UB finisher mix ups, and then expanded on when you can do his mix ups with neutral top heavies on top of adding more mix up tools. He has all the moves he needs to beat anyone, and this is coming from someone who mains Kensei.

2. Shaman- has multiple options, quick, great soft fients and mind games that easily open up blood trance. Itís not uncommon on console for an easy blood trance for shaman to go from one bar of health to nearly full health while taking someone elseís. On console her leap attack (not pounce) are nearly unreactable. Thereís no baiting them for a punish, itís either you were already blocking that way or you get hit. Her bite has slight risk but huge reward, and sheís just overall very strong.

3. Gladiator- another character with huge option pools. All around just a solid kit. One of the best zones, if not the best and a built in OOS punish (toe stab) that is spammable.

4. Conqueror- shield bash is super safe now to the point that itís unpunishable, has great defense and a pretty solid offense as well now. Also has a super strong zone.

5. Berserker- the HA plus now he has a force reaction move. He is pretty strong now. Not top tier per se but nearly.

6. Shinobi- kick is super safe, great options and very fast.

7. Peacekeeper- best dodges, has the speed and spamability to outperform most heroes.

8. Highlander- Now that they beefed him up a little bit more, he is incredibly powerful. He has all the tools he needs, the thing with HL though is there is definitely some sort of standard skill needed to use him, which can make him hard to place. He is slow, but once he gets going he is very formidable.

9. Shugoki- honestly, Shugoki as a character is HORRIBLE, but people only use one thing: headbutt spam, which is the only thing Shug has going for him. With this tactic, unless you have a double hitting hero, youíre kind of screwed because on reaction to any red he can just light into headbutt and soon enough youíll be OOS. Again, as a character he is horrible, but players who play this way and his viability with headbutt earns him this spot. It is important to note that this is the start of the rest of the list in which the characters need tweeks and reworks.

10. Orochi- perhaps itís because I run into a lot of high rep roaches, but I feel the general consensus is that he is one of the worst characters. I for one have to disagree because if heís played as actually intended by countering and baiting recovery frames and the player is competent enough to deflect every once in a while, orochi becomes incredibly difficult to deal with. If they hold stance to top and you change guard they can on reaction interupt anything with bounce light, they have almost always guaranteed 50+ damage if you wiff an attack by storm rush double top light. People complain he doesnít have an opener all the time but thatís just not how he is supposed to be played. Heís all about burst damage. Heís not supposed to be an aggressor.

11. Nobushi- With the buffs, Nobu is actually pretty darn decent. She doesnít have anything super strong but she doesnít have much weaknesses either. If you can use hidden stance properly as a counter then she becomes incredibly powerful.

12: Centurion- again, maybe another case of just running into many high rep Cents, but his heavies are the fastest, heís got good soft fient into GBs, and no one can match Iím when it comes to draining a characters stamina. The problem is he relies so much on pressure that once he is no longer able to or is stopped from applying this pressure he has to reset and regroup which is easier said than done.

13: Lawbringer- the classic block shove is pretty much all that needs to be said here. Heís decent and can be great in the right hands, has good chains but I see them typically fall just short of a victory quite often, almost like theyíd win every match generally speaking if they had just a little more health.

14: Aramusha- only even remotely decent because light spam works sometimes, and you if you can get a soft feint spam train going itís hard to stop sometimes too. Most of the time you can shut him down before he gets anything going though and his blade blockade is so easily baited, even by accident that itís not worth using unless someone is going full stupid. The zone and the speed of attacks are enough to make him playable. This spot on the list marks the need for some serious help for him and the rest of the roster.

15: Warden- itís funny cause he used to be so good. Now heís ok. To be a good warden you have to have flawless fundamentals and very good at reading players in todayís faster, more unblockable or armored age. He has great potential once he gets going but heís not what he used to be.

16: Warlord- after his nerf he has never been the same. Headbutt is easily punished and predicted. What keeps him viable-ish is his great GB, his trade ability and full block.

17: Valkyrie- Almost the worst character, valk is super underwhelming. All of her mix-ups are reactable and predictable. Her light attacks are quick but almost never can confirm 2nd light for the sweep mixups that you really do need to get anywhere. Sweep itself is super punishable just like her shield bash. Sheís in a pretty pitiful state honestly:

18: Raider- I used to regard Raider as the best vanguard honestly simply because parry+GB carry drained ask stamina and subjected you to a true 50/50 against the zone while OOS. Now that GB on parry is gone he is left with almost nothing viable. Soft fients are predictable, even if he gets the carry on you most of the time you still have enough stam left to deal with him, ect. The parry changes effectively neutered him and made him almost completely unviable. Oh not to forget, zone, his one sort of viable tool is inherently nerfed by the fact that that zone as a two button mechanic is broken.

Anyways, there it is. My personal opinion. You can disagree but Iím just trying to keep it real here.

04-10-2018, 01:38 PM
I pretty much agree with your List. I think Orochi is a little bit high in your List...the Orochi that i am meeting on duels are not a big problem. Of course depends how the person use him, but he does not have great moves...

Where Can I find the buffs or nerfs that Ubisoft made on the heroes? I did not play for honor since season 2

04-10-2018, 01:51 PM
I pretty much agree with your List. I think Orochi is a little bit high in your List...the Orochi that i am meeting on duels are not a big problem. Of course depends how the person use him, but he does not have great moves...

Where Can I find the buffs or nerfs that Ubisoft made on the heroes? I did not play for honor since season 2


Alot of scrolling needed cause they don't have a separate link to the patch notes only.

04-10-2018, 02:23 PM
Mine is the same as pc's. And realistically speaking the only reason your tier list would differ (and I mean your in a general sense not just directed at you) is because you simply lack the understand of the game at a higher level.

Aramusha, as an example of a hero would not go up in tiers for duels because "he can spam death assassins." That's not what happens in matches with good players. And it still doesn't change how poor his match ups are against S tier heros. Nor does it change how impractical and borderline useless most of his kit is compared to options in other kits.

04-10-2018, 02:56 PM
Yes. It most definitely is different than PC. Add your thought in this thread.