View Full Version : Why?

04-09-2018, 05:24 PM
Hello there
I just had a dual - I was not able to move or do anything not even chatting with my mate who waited for me to come back (there are still honorable players in this game)
And no it wasn't my PS4 - it works completley fine and it worked fine doring that duel (that just happend)
And the dumbest part about it is that I got the penalty!
Like really ubisoft (I know that you will never read that but still) you dont let me do anything and then you kick me out of the game due to inactivity (well the kicking out of the game part is fine for me) but then you give me a penalty I think that it is completely nonsense

I hope that you will read that and fix the problem or at least make it so we won't be punished