View Full Version : CHALLENGE for you Ubi devs if you ACTUALLY read the forum

04-09-2018, 06:41 AM
I challenge you to battle against our 4 Lawbringers or even Wardens , we wont even have to raise a sword we'll just bomb hell out of you cod style just to PROVE how pathetically overpowered these ridiculous feats are and TOTALLY ruin and make farce of WHOLE game ,and NO you CANT dodge 4 bombs filling map or whilst surrounded by minions or even hide in building , YES we tried it have 100% battle record CANT lose ,WHY bother learning ALL fighting skills and moves when ALL you need to know is how to throw bomb ,its kinda joke even lowly 1 rep can do NO skill required and like said makes WHOLE fighting element waste , can do same with multi traps 2 the WHOLE bomb/arrow feats were SUPPOSEDLY gonna be addressed but YET AGAIN another false Ubi promise , no player likes to be killed in this cheap fashion we found that out , on the 1 map you CANT lose no matter how good your fighting skills are or even debuffed high ,we stayed in 1 zone and just took in turns to bomb players/minions , i HATE to win this way BUT game shouldnt be bad enough to allow it , i WANT devs to ACTUALLY play and try it JUST to see how ridiculous it makes the game

04-09-2018, 10:21 AM
I should agreed on that.
Try 4 LBs yesterday and that was so...unfair to enemies. On that japan bredge map we controlled B just using bombs fro our C zone.

04-09-2018, 10:40 AM
“ don’t worry guys, the feats and all the major problems they bring to the game aren’t a problem, and really not important to us right now even despite our community’s obvious displeasure. You’ll just have to deal with it.” - Ubisoft devs 2018

04-09-2018, 06:25 PM
What you mean NOT a problem ? thousands have LEFT the game because of these cheap unavoidable/unacceptable kills and probably thousands more IF nothing is done ,no REAL playwer likes them been a major problem since day one BUT NOTHING is being done about it ,just the usual we MAY get round to it, spent the last year just trying fix error codes/glitches after half/partly finished released FULL price game no other business would get away with that ,imagine if Ford said we'll release a new car we'll maybe put the brakes in later, SO SO many players have complained about this issue but complete silence from the devs etc, probably knowing they messed up but take no responsibility ,cash banked see you later attitude.