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04-08-2018, 08:34 PM
I will make a list of all problems I have personally experienced with viable solutions to fix said issues. This will be from the perspective of PS4 version of For Honor.


Ganking/"Teamwork" has been an issue ever since the nerf to Revenge, which by the way I knew would happen. Anyway, if your goal is to make the game more tactical and team-based then let's follow in the footsteps of Siege (one of the best tactical online FPS games out there).

Solution: Increase Friendly Fire to Full. For every team mate you kill, you lose 100 points or the equivalent of killing an opponent. If you have negative points by the end of the game, you'll receive less Steel. If you kill 3(4-5 to most if 3 is too much) or more team-mates, you'll be kicked from match and receive 20 minute penalty (same as leaving a match).

Why: Full Friendly Fire works on team-based games because it forces the player to have restraint and be precise. This game while a fighting game, has that same potential no more spamming heavies as a form of teamwork. After people experience this change over the course of say a week, the mentality will change "ganking" to coordinated attacks instead of hitting R2/RT because you're greedy for a kill or covering your lack of skill at the game by hiding behind teammates.

Soft Feinting

So why, is soft feinting a thing? Every character released has attacks that can be fainted into other attacks besides most of the "Original Cast". If soft feints are going to be a thing, that exist. You'll need to have every character be able to use them.

Solution: Either every character has the soft feinting ability or none have that ability at all. Do you know how to stupid it is to react correctly but still get hit because some decided to soft feint their move from one to the other?

Why: It will set every character on equal footing, in other words balanced.


Unblockables, have gotten out of hand. Specifically from Kensei (Rework), Centurion, Gladiator, Highlander, and Shaman. Now, the moves they do themselves are fine but either reduce the amount of unblockables a character has. You should parry those attacks or dodge, right? Add this with soft feinting you'll have people throwing the words "********" at your game and in your face. I don't mind mix-up but not ones with guaranteed hits.

Solution: Reduce Unblockables on Characters with too many. Too many meaning more than 5.


Reason: Lately, whenever I'm being jumped or try to fall back. I would attempt to roll dodge out of the fight. Lately, I've been guard broken or grabbed through it mid roll. First off, what has changed it into a nearly useless tool? It eats half of your stamina bar but not guaranteed to "reset" the fight. Right now, it's a useless in that regard.

Solution: Change the cost of stamina to something less severe or guarantee the a "reset" of a fight. You make it negate all grapple and guard breaks.

Shield bash/Stun Moves

These are crowd control/support moves not offensive tools. Kind of self explanatory.

Solution: Strip damage away from move like Shield Bash, Raider's Knee and Stun Tap, Kensei's Stun Tap (Pommel Side), Centuion's Kick, and others.


It seems to have had increase of damage, if so I believe it is too much. It should be a move that certain characters have to rely on. When 1v1 or any game mode, a player using one move repeatedly. Your first though is to counter it but if they only to need to use 2-3 times to kill someone of average health, then you have a problem. I would list this as a non-priority issue but a possible future problem down the road.

Solution: Reduce Bleed/Poison damage but make the effect last a few hundred milliseconds longer (I'd say 100-250 longer depending on the speed of the attack).

Why: No character should be allowed to rely on one move. It's not only unbalanced but badly designed. Not directly related, but take Warden SB. It's the only unblockable besides Crushing Counter (only Overhead block and requires stamina). It used to be abusive, but due to so many indirect changes to the Warden, the SB is slow, easily countered and dodged. The Warden is required to "MacGyver" their way to winning against some characters. That's bad design.

Lag/Input Lag

This is still an issue even when you introduced Dedicated Servers. You not only have displayed your lack of knowledge when come to these things but your incompetence of maintaining this game. I've had to deal with frame skips of where I lost half of my health in a fight because the games lag. This has happened in every game mode. I know for certain, it's not my internet speed for the sole reason on any other game I do not experience this.

Solution: Actually, fix the issue. I do not have a proper solution because I do not have experience in infrastructure of server and the like.

Why: Is there a really a reason, why you should not fix this issue?

For Honor 2?

I hear a rumor of For Honor 2. I can guarantee that I will not purchase it if that were the case. I pre-ordered the gold edition with high hopes and enjoyment from the beta but you have effectively made me regret purchasing it. If you want to make something new then by all means do so, allow another Ubisoft studio to take over and let them take the reins and allow this game to grow like Siege. Overall, I was a fan of this game, big enough of fan to gather enough points for your Knights Snapback and Wristband. I blame lead designer and director. You are responsible for this game's problems and it's your responsibility to fix it. If you deem it's not "worth your time". You can go on in the industry as nothing but a sellout. I don't recognize you as someone that likes or wants to create good video games. You are the definition of a sellout.

04-08-2018, 09:50 PM
Thank you for offering potential solutions to the problems you're seeing in the game. One thing I can address is lag compensation, which will be in the next title update, this month. We hope it will bring major progress, but it's still going to be something that we'll need to continually improve.

04-12-2018, 03:27 AM
I would like to add to this list

Frame Rate

If an increase of frame rate is impossible on console. Then light attacks similar to Shaman, Aramushu, and Shinobi need to be slowed down. For example a attack with 500 ms is actually 250 on console. Meaning you have less reaction time and equate moves being spammed easily. You'll then say predict the move and parry it before, correct? Those characters including Berzerker have the ability to feint into a different attack so parry too early, get hit. It then becomes a 50/50. SO don't parry block,right? Nope same principle applies because of stagger from block.

Solution: Add an extra 100 ms to attacks set 500 or less on Console.

If you want a shared experience on all platforms then you need to adjust according to the respective platform. If not, then you are encouraging favoritism towards platforms and unbalanced game mechanics.


Feats like Catapult need to remain but grenades and explosives become way too common in 4v4 Dominion. Feats are supposed to be rare and earned. They should play a supportive role not offensive. Combine this with Full friendly fire. You'll see a drastic decrease of spamming things like Catapult, Ganking, and ect.

Solution: Extend Cooldowns on Catapult, Arrow Storm, and Viking Equivalent. Tier 1 -3 need to be personal passives or support buffs.


Honestly, Gear is pointless to upgrade and more so stupid to level. Cost way too much along with cosmetic change costing 500 Steel. Overpriced much? That's 10 Dominion Matches from scratch.Now you won't have to worry about balancing armor and weapons. It removes an unneeded component.

Solution: Remove Stats from Gear make it purely cosmetic.


I think everyone besides you (For Honor Devs/Designers) agree that rewards are to low. If you intend on keeping Gear Stats? You should at least increase the rewards of every match. As of now, it takes 100 matches of Dominion (mind you it's not a balanced game and full of gang up or "gankers"). So, if you are to put people through Hell then increase rewards to accommodate it. If not, you will be known incompetent game designers that lack forethought and piss-poor problem solving skills. Not to mention your lack of creativity.

Solution: Increase Steel output at 100 per match across all game modes OR allow Salvage Trade-In;10 Steel per 1000 Salvage.