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04-08-2018, 07:22 PM
hi there, i want to ask ubisoft to please add a datacenter in West Asia, we are currently playing in WEU (closest) server to us, and we have +150 ping, which is bad, for us and for WEU players too, cause they say that we abusing! im sure that so many players asked for this but none of them able to reach their goals, i don't know what should we do that make ubisoft to understand our situation, we bought the game like every other players on the world and we should have the same chance against them! the situation even get worse on recent update on pings (2 or 3 months ago)

so all im asking for Asian or African WEU server players to come here and ask ubisfot to add a server, countries like TURKEY, AFRICAN countries, IRAN, some provinces of Russia have the ping problem on WEU server! so please add ur comment on this thread and maybe, maybe this time ubisoft will do something! Let's Just Hope!

04-10-2018, 12:44 PM
i like that nobody gives a sh*t about what i just said, the only thing is important for customer support is the problems of Shop contents and everything that ends with Money and Profit! any other issue is not important! LOL UBISOFT

04-11-2018, 12:23 AM
I would say that there is a real issue. Btw have you tried to play on other servers? im not sure this will make smth better but still..

I would also like to ask someone of developers: a player with 15 ping against a player with 80 ping - who has an advantage?
My experience based on 550+ hours (often playing with 60-80 vs 15-20 ping guys) shows i can do practically nothing. I often face situations when these low ping guys kill me even though they started to shoot much later after me. And according to kill cam from their side i even didnt start to shoot. Honestly to say i already got used to it, but im not sure i like it when the 3d year of game is passing..
I also that just according to the end of match report they do most kills. What i see means that the first thing you need to be successfull in R6S is to live somewhere in Western Europe and not much skill is requiered
However European players complain they can't play against such guys with 80-150+ ping. So where is the truth? Can you explain how the game processes abovementioned situations?
And do you plan to do anything with ping difference? Or your position is that everything is fine here? Thanks in advance for your time and reply.

PS> I realize i dont have proofs, so ill try to record some examples in near time.

04-11-2018, 06:49 PM
i totally accept what u just said, u have 60 ping and u experience the same thing against 15-20 ping guys, and i think you can imagine how worse it will be with 150 ping! and sad thing is Ubisoft doesn'y care about it, we can clearly see it with this thread, i created this 3 days ago and no-one even bothered to reply nevermind to Add a DC! i also contacted Customer Support but still no reasonable reply, We pay the same price to buy the game like everyone else in the world and we expect to have same chance against eachother! i'm starting to think that i should stop playing it coz it's really annoying and i can't take it anymore!

04-11-2018, 07:41 PM
Im playing nearly for 3years and i cant bear the pings now cuse we cant do aything after the patches in these years,its like we are 1sec late in everything and its realy bad and im sure there are players in turkey russia and even africa and etc that have the same issue.
Uplay must take this seriously cuse rainbow has grown so much bigger than last years and its for own company benifit cuse im sure so many are out there that are uninstalling or not buying the game for these reasons...i hope uplay take this thread seriously 😔😔

04-12-2018, 05:20 AM
Thumbs up👍

04-12-2018, 05:38 AM
Unfortunately Ubisoft Dosen't care about us! but i hope they do something about Data center because its not just good for us. its good for other EU players :nonchalance:

04-12-2018, 06:20 AM
Well ... dear ubi how about a visit to our country and see for ur self that how u get headshots from foe cause 140+ ping AND that moment when u fire whole mag on the enemy head and they just mysteriously move around and don't give a sh#t about the bullets u fired at their head and the person who is called NOOB is u ... That moment you just wish u could have got F##king Cancer and instead played a different game like Delta Force which has Less bug and more fun ...
I hope such a talking Co. Become acting Co. ....

04-12-2018, 12:50 PM
if you are Using Azure servers, here is the list of their servers in different countries: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/global-infrastructure/regions/

there are 2 servers in india, and 2 servers in UAE, which u can use and many of us will have lower pings, im suprised why there is no answer by Ubisoft Support team

04-13-2018, 11:16 AM
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06-16-2018, 03:36 PM
game is good but not with high ping so please give us a chance too enjoy

06-17-2018, 12:53 PM
IM half iranian half turkish player.
I know THEY WONT give servers to iran .
or one west asia countries
becouse that high ping problem is not for just IRANIAN players. theses countries also have this problem.
that must be usefull if ubisoft care.

08-15-2018, 12:05 PM
ubisoft go and F**K urself with ur ****ty support and servers, im tired of playing with this fuc**ing ping against 9 ping players, if u can't support us then don't fu**ing support the game, bunch of idiots and ******s teamed up and created ubisoft support, you guys only licking USA and Europ's ***, go fu** urself!

08-17-2018, 04:13 PM
They are in the process of installing servers in Asia/Africa. When, we don't know, for now we'll have to soldier on. My ping is 200 so I know your frustration bro.