View Full Version : Game got stuck at character load in screen

04-07-2018, 07:34 PM
Just as the title describes, I was playing dominion. The whole lobby had to quit because the screen after you pick your character, just before the map loading screen, got frozen. The clock started ticking down for everyone to pick their heros, and the roster was complete at about 4 seconds left. Everyoneís hero showed and we patiently waited for the screen where all 8 heros are facing each other as the map starts to load.....and waiting.....and waiting. At this point, despite getting a good look at my teammates awesome masks and weapons up close, the next loading screen never came. Iím a rep 6 Shugoki and trying to get him to max gear, so I used the XP boost, which effectively took quite a bit of salvage. Luckily I didnít get penalized.

04-07-2018, 08:52 PM
Ok, for real, what is HAPPENING! It froze mid combat now. Literally would have completed 3 orders in one with my Shugoki, has XP boost on again (should have learned) and the pooch just got screwed. I had to restart the game yet again. It isnít my internet either. Literally everything else works perfectly fine.

I apologize as this comment is coming from pure annoyment, but seriously guys! Like cmon. If there is one thing a game is SUPPOSED to do it would be to work properly. Iím being patient with lag comp. I get it, it takes a while but now this too? Itís so frustrating.