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04-07-2018, 12:29 PM
We all know that making assets for a game is pretty expensive. And I think we can also agree thet BGE2 is pretty ambitious with this whole planets system.
Also there are a lot of post that people are afraid that this game gonna be the next No Man's Sky or Sea of Thieves.
Now I'm not gonna discuss that on this topic because I have fade in Michel Ancel.

But I don't mind if they gonna use asset from other games. They can save a lot of
money and that money can be spent on better gameplay and story.

For exsemple Assassin's Creed origins: I think it will be pretty awesome if I can land my space ship in Egypt, or if I get lost in the jungle I can loot some tombs from Farcry.
A lot of of these models with some adjustments they can create awesome new cities and fill up the planet. It's better than a planet that has repeatable cities and all look the same.

04-07-2018, 01:31 PM
Yeah its true that every planet shouldnt be the same.
No man sky use a programm that made the whole universe and every planet isnt the same.
But i think those other games should be just an idea because if you snipping different games together you will never have
a good BGE2. Using this ideas from other games shows us how incompetent we are to explain what we think.
it just helps us to bring ideas in the game, but what comes after realese is ancel^s and his teams decision.
so re using things from other games will be interessting but if its good for BGE i cant say.
I talked with legion in a another thread about too much new things, he have right that it have to be a BGE because BGE1 was a good game what everyone here loved to play.
if its get too near to other games it wouldnt be a BGE.

04-07-2018, 03:14 PM
BGE2 is all ready a completely different game than the first one. I think most of us would rather have a linear/semi open world game and have Jade as the main protagonist. But instead we get a space pirate game with a realistic art style and the main protagonist probably gonna be some badass with a gun.
To be honest I'm fine with that. Now to come back to my first post I'm not saying that they should copy the entire game levels. Just use some of the buildings. You can see it as an easter egg. BGE2 is pretty big so there is plenty of room for that. Also it's fills up some empty areas I think is a win win ;)

04-07-2018, 08:41 PM
ok this sounds better :P