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04-07-2018, 05:03 AM
My idea for honor remade into an Open world online fighting game
u/Chody__Dec 2, 2017, 4:19 PM
This is from a comment I made that got a good bit of attention

For Honor could be reframed to a cool online open world game. Each land mass is around the size of Skyrim or a bit larger, you can choose your faction and thatís where you start in the story. Vikings start in Valkenhiem, finding food is extremely hard if you cannot enter the villages without getting in a fight (some villages will fight other factions, some wonít) or trading with someone else in the server. Vikings will have a natural advantage as they will almost always be accepted into the villages. Ashfield is a more even playing field for all, much more AI knights roaming which is more dangerous for health, strongholds most likely wonít accept other factions and will send out AI characters and archers. A bit smaller than valkenhiem. The samurai lands are very dangerous, cities will accept knights and sometimes accept Vikings to enter but will always offer food unless the character has been violent in the area. Technically smaller than valkenhiem but getting lost in the Myre and starving is one of the biggest challenges next to the assassins that live in it. The player samurai that live there and roam around are given a map of the myre near their town which will help them navigate and if they are slain will be given to their killer to help them navigate the area. You could not know the entire myre after killing 30 samurai as it is so easy to get lost in. Every time you switch lands (ocean ride or land border) you will enter a new server, 24 people per server but due to the land size you will never encounter that many people. Your location is not public without the use of a spotting feat or item like valks horn which in valkenhiem spots in a circle covering 2/3rds the land (massive area) while in other areas covers 1/3rd (still pretty big). You can carry only the armor on you and one other piece in your inventory along with weapons. The other armor is not visible but the weapons will be. On death to another player (can be anyone of any faction with a Absolver type of fight system) you will drop everything you are holding but they will be marked on your map for you to find again and take back. Your starting city/stronghold will be your home base/city but you can change it. There you can sell armor, store armor or weapons (up to 100 prices with upgradable space with salvage ;) )upgrade armor, make armor into salvage, and find fights for online modes. Online modes will be every gamemode we have currently and in the future pls whatever Ubi wants to add. The online modes can be initiated from everywhere if youíve been out of combat for four minutes and go into your inventory screen but starting from your home town will reward 15% extra war assets. You can also sell armor in other cities if you are accepted (the amount you carry will be a factor if you are accepted or not) but itís worth more steel in different places. Samurai value Viking armor more for its leather, Knights value samurai armor more for its wood, Vikings value knight are more for its Steel. Quest can be storyline or offered by npc. Online fights dictate the open world such as if a the Vikings push into samurai territory over a city you will find more Vikings there and the city will accept you. Although this will happen in free roam in a quest that requires the city to be samurai for its story it will revert for you or your squad but no one else in the server.

Food and steel is a main value and currency in the game and can be held in the inventory. You can trade with other players by giving them the armor or steel or maps, whatever they need. You can drop what you hold and pick up steel they give you. Returning to your main town will be very important as they will always provide you with food for journeys (extra food can be bought with minor amounts of steel) and thatís where you can sell your items to others or npc for steel. Only npc can give you scrap but if you need to you can salvage it yourself for less reward.

Armor damage: dying will damage your armor giving it less of its stats. Dying around 10-30 times (if you are executed 10, normal deaths are 30) it will break giving it no stats. It can be completely repaired with salvage at a blacksmith (must have be in a town owned by your faction) or repaired in the open with salvage but will cost more and repair less. It wonít be annoying but it will be a factor in long journeys.

It would feel a lot like Skyrim in Valkenhiem but with more survival aspects with the hills posing a big threat to maneuverability. Hoards of Viking AI are dangerous but trading is very possible in towns

Ashfield is easy to maneuver but strongholds are dangerous to go near as the knights inside are very dangerous. It is very dangerous to go near the volcano (forgive me as I cannot remember the name). Overall it is medium in size but seems a bit smaller than the rest due to its flatter lands.

The samurai lands is the smallest but takes the longest to maneuver. Due to the myre being long and maze like you are much more likely to starve in it than find a town or person. If you are a samurai it is very easy to navigate through if you have your map. Maps of the area are sold to samurai only in the towns.

Iím sorry that I just wrote a brick but this would honestly be my dream game. For Honor is my favorite game Iíve played so far and all the backgrounds to the maps look so alive I would love the ability to explore them.