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04-07-2018, 04:27 AM
What really has to come is increased/advantaged Armor when you're being attacked by 4 Opponents from every direction
No More Revenge mode its Useless ! Even if it Activates, its very easy to Ignore.

We have to Fix This Beautiful Game. Devs and Players have to Work Together.
I am ready to Contribute my Part. All i want From Ubisoft Devs is to Be Honest.


Remove all the PAssive Feats That give Additional Physical Damage and Damage Reduction and Heals.

Implement this Passive as Standart Skill 4 v.s 4 mode.

Passive Skill Assassin/Hybrid ( Survival Instinct) Dominion Mode :

(Skill Activates when Opponents Guard is active within radius of 5 Game Steps)

Facing 1 Opponent = Normal gear Stats Aura Color : Default
Facing 2 Opponents = 20% Armor Damage reduce 10% Weapon Damage Increase Aura color : Yellow
Facing 3 Opponents = 30% Armor Damage Reduce 15% Weapon Damage Increase + Hyper Armor Aura Color : Orange
Facing 4 Opponents = 60% Armor Damage Reduce 20%% Weapon Damage Increase + Hyper Armor and Ungbable.Dodge recovery rate increased. Aura Color : BLUE

PassiveSkill Vanguard ( Frenzy ) Dominion Mode :

(Skill Activates when Opponents Guard is active within radius of 5 Game Steps)

Facing 1 Opponent = Normal gear Stats Aura Color: Default
Facing 2 Opponents = 10% Armor Damage reduce 20% Weapon Damage Increase Aura Color : Yellow
Facing 3 Opponents = 20% Armor Damage Reduce 30% Weapon Damage Increase + Unblockable Attacks Aura Color : Orange
Facing 4 Opponents = 40% Armor Damage Reduce 40% Weapon Damage Increase+ Unblockable Attacks 100% Stamina Recovery and cant be Knocked back from bash Type Attacks. Aura Color : RED


Lets say A:2 People v.s B:3 People on the Field Charging Eachother

A : gets 2. Passive Bonus. Yellow
B: Has Normal Gear Stats. Default

1 vs 4 : 1 gets 4. Passive mode Aura Color : BLUE OR RED Depending on Hero Type
2 vs 4 : 2 gets 3. Passive Mode Aura Color : Orange
3.v.s 4 : 3 gets 2. Passive Mode Aura Color : Yellow
4.vs 4 : Normal gear Stats. Aura Color : Default.

04-07-2018, 05:17 AM
I don't think its wise for a competitive game to move in the direction of nullifying the skill gap.

If you are fighting 4 enemies single handedly than your team has crumbled before a more organized team and you deserve the loss

Lets say you are holding a point by yourself and you spot two enemies rushing towards you, you are now in a situation where you will most likely lose your point. The enemy has sacrified strength on one part of the map to ensure victory on another, but if youre team is an unorganized mob you can neither call an ally for assistance or inform them to capitalize elsewhere on the map knowing that half the enemy team is contained at your position.

In this situation the enemy is using effective strategy to defeat your scattered team.

These changes you are proposing seem to be aimed at removing the advantages a coordinated team has over a disorganized mob. Better play would be a waste of time with this design philosophy since you will be arbitrarily penalized to protect the feelings of the your rightfully losing enemies, and worse players would have no incentive to get better since the game would no longer reward you for doing so.

In summation, arbitrarily buffing players who are outnumbered makes no sense and i have never played a team based pvp game with such a system. Tweeks to revenge, such as adding immunity to shoves and whatnot, are a better way to go id say.