View Full Version : Keep getting forced into games with SAME exact players on other side.

04-06-2018, 10:37 PM
I've known matchmaking is broken for a while but I've noticed something lately. When I lose to a team; I will generally leave the next game and try to find other opponents closer to me in terms of Rep. For example; the last game I was in had 3 45+ rep chars on their team and my team didn't have anyone above Rep 5. We got curbstomped and I left the next game. I waited about 3 minutes and qued up. Dropped me into the battle to fight the same opponents. I left again within the 30 second window and went AFK for a few minutes. Once again, came back; dropped right back in again against same team.

I've noticed this happening a lot recently. I play on PC. I keep reading that the PC population is rocking and rolling. Plenty of people. Why than do I keep having this issue?