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04-06-2018, 02:47 PM
There is and will never be any balance in a lagging game.

If you agree in that headline we ALL should stop posting feedbacks & suggestions about balancin champions for now.

Let us tell the developers the real broken things in this game:

1. Servers & Matchmaking

In most games the winner is decide before the game even starts!

Why? All simple:

1. So many mataches start with bots a bot in your team means he will move to mid (mostly point B) in dominion matches and will get slaughtered by 3 or 4players = all players level for fighting a bot that is not able to compete at all = Having a bot in team is almost every time an auto-loss because you are down 400 points in less than 2minutes.

Solution (like in many other games): Do not start games with uneven numbers of players in each team. Do not let a single player join late, always let the same number of players join a running game on each side.

2. The servers have unbelievable input lags on PC. You can not figure out a timing for an action because it changes each match. A pro player does not need the widgets to know when to parry, he sees the movment an parrys the moves because he develops a feeling for the right time to parry. This is not possible in this game because of this unbelievable lags without any compensation at all.

a) show each Players ping to the server
b) let the player decide in which region(s) they want to play (=which kind of lag they accept)
c) remove players with pings 100+ from the game
d) bring lag compensation
e) the servers you offer are not good enough bring better ones, on weekends they can not handle the load

3. Wall bug

When an enemy player is standing in front of a wall and he runs into the wall your attacks misses even if he is standing directly in front of you. If you GB him meanwhile he gets a free GB on you!

Really guys fix it you are in this game for over 1 year at the pricetag you sold this game things like this must not happen!

4. Cheaters

This game used to be fun because there were not a lot of cheaters in it. In the last time this has changed. In almost every 3rd match there is a super player that attacks you, feints any attack and parrys any light after it (all easy with parry bot). These "good players" always get hit by any hit when you are out of stamina, hmm strange (parry bot can not detect your stamina and player does not even try to parry so the parry misses and he gets hit).

There are some funny comments when this appears like "the players player is only rep 8 but he switched from another plattform" or things like that. Well like I wrote above the servers have input lags and they have these lags for all of us = it is not possible to parry any light simply because the lag will make you fail.

You are in a better position than other developers. As last and final step bann cheaters for life from all Ubisoft games on all plattforms.

04-06-2018, 04:04 PM
5. Sound bug

There is a sound bug in starting screen. It happens when your system loads faster than others and you have to wait for them to load.
It is anoying because with Samurai heroes you have japanese music in match sounds all game long you can do nothing about it.

04-06-2018, 04:42 PM
Balancing in this game is a major issue. When they added the new characters every season it disrupted the balance. These characters had more combos that allowed them to be aggressive on the original character. While the original roster really had no good moves to open them up. The balance is also disrupted when you are fighting 2 or more of the same character or class. Players are exploiting this unbalanced game with the rolling gank squads. An unbalanced fighting game takes the fun away from the game and can ruin a game.

As for the bots, use the shout outs like group up or help at this area. They are very compliant, but if not told what to do they will go to their basic programming. Being that capturing the minions is still the most important zone to capture they naturally will go there.

As for the servers need to be fixed totally agree man. Even tho I stay in matches and donít have the fear of lagging out, I think I would still prefer the p2p of what they pass off as acceptable dedicated servers.

The cheating part I canít really say much on only played the pc version for a couple of weeks then jumped to ps4. Pretty much to get away from cheating players. Tho I do run across players that exploits lag and how unbalanced the game is. Tho I do come across suspicious players that are to on point with everything.

I do agree with you that being that this game is past year 1 the issues this game has should have been addressed and really should only be fine tweaking by now. For this game to still retail for $40 is still steep for a game that hasnít gotten its **** together yet. The game is pretty much in life support with there players and if they donít fix this soon this game might not even make another year before it becomes a ghost town. Pc is almost there, and console even tho it has the stronger player base with all the new games coming this year players will leave and might not come back. I have said this so many times on the forums but Iíll say it again. this game has such potential to be good and fun to play but the way the developers are handling things it going to be dead before it gets to that point.