View Full Version : Less to work with might be better

04-06-2018, 11:59 AM
Back when the game released with just the 12 character to us looking back they seemed to be balanced pretty well in multiplayer. They lacked good openers but made up for it in their combos. The ones that lacked combos made up for it in their attack and defense. When they add in the dlc character that had openers, punishing combos, and the blocking capabilities really broke the game. Even with the reworks the Berserker, Conquerer, and kensei got still donít bring the up to par with the 6 added character. They can open people up better boosting there fighting chance but still in comparison they fall short. My suggestion is to trim some of the Characters move sets and what they are able to do while giving each character decent melee opener and decent combos.

Character I would suggest need a trim to their move set would be: shaman, centurion, highlander (offensive stance), and aramusha(infinite chain combo).
Character that I would suggest need more to their combos: Warden, raider, warlord, lawbringer, and shagoki.

Characters that would be fine were they stand moveset wise: nobushi, orochi, gladiator, shanobi, kensei, berserker, Conquerer, peacekeeper, and Valkyrie.

Have all characters have 1 good melee opener.

While the idea to bring the old characters up to par might sound good on paper and in dual, brawl, and eliminate. Might an even bigger cluster **** of issues in skirmish, dominion, and tribute. Finding that sweet spot between the original 12 and the add 6 I think would be a better route to go then adjusting everything to the new meta the 6 added character brought. I understand people want to be more aggressive, which is fine and great for mode that gives the player a chance to have 1v1 fights. game modes that allow players to be more aggressive doesnít work well for someone on the receiving end of 2-4 attackers. Even with revenge itís still a slim chance of walking away from it depending on the character you are fighting against. By adding more to the cluster **** would be more overwhelming to players then helpful.

Final thought about this, what made the game fun when it was first released is that even with how limited these characters felt. They still seemed to be better balanced and it was just a matter of learning how they fight was the issue. It was challenging but never felt overwhelming. It seemed that wa s lost when the newer characters were introduced into the game and as fun as they are, some of them need to be toned down a bit. Adjusting speeds and timing is barely working and just adding more to it doesnít seem to be helping either.