View Full Version : Cursor bug!

04-05-2018, 09:58 PM
What it does?
I've had this cursor bug for fairly over a year now. It is extremely annoying and it happens randomly whenever I'm holding down my mouse right-click (aiming).
When I'm aiming and it happens I see my windows cursor flicker or just flash once on the screen and it breaks my aim..

Oh boy can you imagine the moments this usually happens in? Imagine holding a corner or aiming for someone with a scope and then all of a sudden cursor flickers and your aim is gone and you get shot instead. This happens almost every day for me and I've been struggling with this for over an year now.
I always told myself that this will get patched out eventually etc.. But I'm giving up now and asking for help with this one.

I have tried these things
Changing from windowed mode to fullscreen, I've tried different settings in-game and I've tried completely different mouse.. But nothing has worked out for me yet.

PS. Next time I'll play I'm gonna try disabling "high DPI" from compatibility tab if I'll find one, I heard this resolving other mouse/cursor issues. Worth a shot I say.. Any other Suggestions? Thanks in advance.