View Full Version : whats about citizen? what they talk?

04-03-2018, 10:43 PM
I wonder what the talk on the streets :D

Have they the same hypes like we with our selfi and socialmedia obsessions?
What kind of Problems have they? truely its a special thing with those hybrid/chimera creatures, but why they dont have theyr own problems?
Who is a important person?
Are the kids like us or are they little devils? (ok reversed isnt better too XD XD greetings from switzerland)

things like that, bring some ideas to talk too ^^
from Rich to Poor, from big boss to slaves is it even different :P

04-04-2018, 04:13 PM
Hmm I think NPCs will have their work much like they do in AC:O.
Many just walking randomly around as in basically all big games.

And then you will very likely be able to see their status in talking, clothing and actions. And I don't think it is a far fetch that Cities have a "wall" inside them to seperate those standards as it has been mentioned with rich people living higher etc.
Important NPCs would be quest/dialog related and due to that there is nothing to go on about unless these are in the works.
I assume "kids" those days are more likely to be tailored to the parents needs. That is why I think non acceptable behaviour will be a rare sight and causes some replacement orders... I wonder if any bad behaviour is a reason to get "recycled"

04-07-2018, 11:19 AM
One thing is clear, in BGE1 are the hybrids free.
In BGE2 are the Hybrids slaves and will be used for everything.
if you see our world is realy brutal and knows no mercy.
after watching 12 years a slave, was it a good idea to have some dialouges as inspiration.
I dont think they speak friendly with the hybrids, nearly disgusted will they talk.
The hybrids will be friendly but they want to be free, mostly they have a broken soul.
they dont want to fight to survive, they want to be free.
Kids from hybrids and humans will dont know why everyone is mean to the slaves, and they dont know why they are slaved.

that thing what you talked Legion is interessting, we try to make perfect kids in the laboratory.
If a child isnt perfect, it can be that this kid will be slaved from the own parents.
only perfect people will be able to find a job or having friends.
this is what happen with our world too, on work you have to bring more then just work.
What you do and think isnt important annymore, just work work work.
only if you are a perfect citizen, then you can have everything, or even nothing.

The fun part will be racing ;) freaking cool space ships that will be faster then every categorie that you know.
like Space F1 just with Guns, Shields and oxigen. Bigger Ships should be repaired if the Hull have anny holes.
with this blunted society it can be a deathrace that will euphoric celebrated like the best thing in the galaxy.

They watch on the planets on big screens or telescopes what happens, its like football for us :D

04-07-2018, 05:32 PM
I would like if NPCs will have routines similar to Majora's Mask NPCs, Back in those days was fun to "stalk them" to know their routines, hoping to find some secret or easter egg. But since with large number of NPCs distributed in several worlds and cities, it would be a huge/bothersome task to make the same, probably only legendary NPCs will receive similar treatment and the rest will roam free here and there, with more less generic dialogues.