View Full Version : Who needs a KTM if you can have the Mantis and some skill?!

04-03-2018, 05:23 PM
This is for all of those people, who think they are special if they manage to get a top 1000 time in the KTM. (Kinda me too, I also own the KTM bikes....and they are quite op)
Anyway, I recently decided to created a second account, to replay the story.
I found, that I was quite successful with the Jackal on the track "Tree Houses", so when I unlocked the Mantis, I decided to speedrun that map!
The result below was the best time I managed to achieve. Keep in mind, the upgrades on my Mantis are only (1/1/1/1)!
This is an inspiration to all the Mantis owners. You too can achieve great times, even if you don't own the KTM bikes, the Bandito or the BMW.
Also, KarTanK, you're still the best on this map with your Mantis!
P.S. You can add me as a friend (if you want to) Username: Stef2499 <- Main Account