View Full Version : Multi-Weapon Heroes and Ranged Heroes

04-03-2018, 05:13 PM
Recently I posted an idea to a new Samurai character in CC, link here;

I had been thinking about a character with 2 different weapons and also a ranged combat mode. This is the discussion section of the forums so I was curious what you all think about the possibilities of heroes with multiple weapons, and also opinions of heroes with ranged weapons. AS outlined in my concept the ranged mode is very limited in quantity and quality and is not intended as a 100 to 0 mechanic.
So my questions to you all are
1. Should Characters be allowed to have multiple weapons?
2. Should there be ranged weapons available in this game outside of Feats?
3. Should ranged weapons be able to 100 to 0 as it used to feel like the old longbow feat did?

Thanks for the read,

04-03-2018, 06:37 PM
I do think a multi weapon hero would be interesting, kind of like having highlander but each stance is a different weapon. However i think having a ranged hero would be a bad idea. Ranged characters only strat would be to poke and run away, which is already the game style that people complain about with melee characters. Shinobi's range is fine since the addition of having a chain connected to his arm means if someone parries him they can use the chain against him. This isn't the same with an arrow.