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04-03-2018, 01:36 PM
Assassinís Creed: Divided is the story of a German Assassin...my story. Slightly before World War I, I headed to London with my father, a grandmaster Assassin. London was to be the site of a truly rare event, a Creed meeting. All grandmasters and masters were invited. It was my fatherís doing. You see, the German high command and several of its allies had become infested with Templars. The numbers were staggering. The policy of the Creed was to take them out one at a time, but even high level operatives were just replaced by another Templar. It was not working. My dadís idea would solve this problem and also test the full meaning of Ďeverything is permitted.í The plan, which I found out at the meeting, was to win by attrition. It was time the world helped out with the Templar problem. His proposal...start a war, a world war. The plan was a shock to both me and the council. The loss of life would be astonishing. This was not the father that had raised me. I, nor the council, could follow this plan. I agreed. The old ways had ceased to work, but this new way was unconscionable. There had to be something in the middle.

While I searched for my place, a new/separate branch of Assassins called The Black Hand formed. My father and his many followers may have been under a new banner, but their plan never changed. They would start a world war and thatís what they did. Now, the Black Hand takes on missions to prolong the war and the order continues to plug away at any member they could get near, while I choose a more strategic...yet difficult path. The difficulty came when our missions intersect.

This is an idea Iíve had bouncing around in my head. Good or not, I know nothing will probably come of it. Still, Iíd like to know. What do you think? Good?

This would be the first time Assassins would be pitted against Assassins. You will have to prevent their assassination while still preforming your own. This may occur separately or in the same place at the same time. And as always, it will be preformed in the shadows. There may even be reason for you to raid an Assassin stronghold. This will be an excellent game to dive more into traps. Explosive, spike, poison, even fire. You might even be able to take out an Assassin by placing one in a likely entry point on one of their missions. It would also be an excellent game to introduce the Ďplay deadí move. Picture this, an explosive goes off in a trench in the distance. A soldier is the first on the scene. He finds several bodies strung about. Suddenly, one of them sticks him with a hidden blade.

The animus part of the story would be centered around a rich/money driven man who is a direct descendant of our German Assassin. The Assassins have brought him in, under false pretenses, to learn his genetic memory. In fact, the order has grown in recent years fuel by the publicís general unhappiness with how itís world is being run. The Assassins have their army back. Now, they must learn from their past mistakes to keep it from crumbling. As our party boy gains more and more skills thru the animus and more of the truth is revealed, they will take him on missions in the modern world. It will show him what the Templars are up to in this modern world. It also will give him a chance to see what modern Assassins can do with todayís technology.

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I like this idea. Its very interesting. I always thought that if Ubisoft made an AC title on the Great War, then the black hand would be templar, who assassinated the archduke in hopes of starting a world war and imposing their new order on the crumbling cities after the chaos, and that assassins would have to fight the war in order to stop it. This way is cool and surprising that the Assassins would start the war instead

I wrote my own version of this called Assassin’s Creed: Great War. Do you want me to send it here?

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I would rather have sub forum for these, i dont just want to put a reply in a super long thread, i want to post the stuff individually.

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That's not how the forum works. It's not really meant to have individual ideas that each get their own thread. That's what a blog is for.

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Thanks for reading my idea. Iím glad you found it interesting. Sorry for theimproper placement. Itís my first time writing on a forum. I moved my post.

Iíd love to read your idea. You can either send it here or tell me where to find it.

04-04-2018, 07:09 PM
You are an Allied Assassin during the time of WW1. You hear that Franz Ferdinand will be assassinated by the Templars in hopes of starting a chain reaction leading to a global war, so you go to Bosnia. However, you fail to stop the Black Hand, a Serbian sub-section of Templars, and the archduke is assassinated, leading to the Great War. You can visit cities like London, Paris, Austria-Hungary, Berlin, Russia, and everywhere else in Europe. You enlist in the British army and you are sent to the trenches. Eagle vision can be used to see over the trenches. Weapons include the hidden bayonet, rifle for shooting and clubbing and stabbing, machine guns, grenades, mustard gas, shrapnel shell, mortars, artillery guns, flamethrowers, mines, barbed wire, trench knives, sabers, and pistols. Quests include retrieving a body for a grieving family in Britain, riding in u-boats, having dogfights in biplanes, using tanks, decoding things like the Zimmerman telegram, decorating no manís land with mines and barbed wire, assassinate Templars, killing the Red Baron in a dogfight, and assassinate German generals. Eagle vision can be used to see enemies through mustard gas and also spot out mines on no manís land. Your outfit is a black and grey assassin trench coat, including a gas mask connected to the hood, which allows you to go through the mustard gas. Trench assassination can happen where you jump into the trench like an air assassination and assassinate the German Templars. With a biplane you can do a leap of faith with a parachute, dogfight against other planes, or bombard cities. Trenches can also be looted after they have been mortared.

I have two photos of an Assassin and a Templar during WW1 in this google docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AYpNGPYkv-09gX_XAGf0VSmm9zwT9ByuxdsdrikYyWo

PS: I would add your ďplay deadĒ assassination

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Let's keep it to one thread, the one I linked before.

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Love the idea. I have to say, I canít believe I forgot about the Red Baron. He is probably the most famous person of WWI. I like the idea of eagle vision for gas. Donít forget about blimps too.

You got me thinking too. I was thinking it might be cool if you killed the duke and duchess, either you are misdirected or naive. It would be a nice first mission.