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04-03-2018, 01:14 PM
I liked the ship combat in 1404, but I always had the feeling it could be even better with a few changes.

The biggest problem I had with the ship combat in 1404 is that when a ship was chasing another ship, it would stop, turn around to get the cannons in position, fire, and then return the chase the ship. I'd rather have is so you catch up with the enemy ship and sail next to them at the same speed while both exchanging fire, like it is in real life. In 2070 they did something similar. You'd have ships with cannons in the front. And when you where chasing someone, the cannons would fire without the ship needing to stop. If we take this idea even further we could do drive-by shootings, where you would cross path with the enemy ship, fire 1 salvo and then run off again.

Also when a ship has 2 enemies, 1 at each side, why can we not fore at both of them? We have cannons at both sides, so we should be able to use them.

And what about ship collision? If we have ship collision we could make ramming a viable tactic.

If we want to have good control of all these things, I think the right-click to attack would not suffice anymore. That's why I would like a total control overhaul. I would suggest a way to tell your ship how it has to position itself and where it needs to go. For example a few commands you could give your ship:

1) Go to waypoint. This will make the ship just go to the given position like we're used to
2) Follow ship. This will make the ship stay right behind the target. This was also already available in previous Anno games. But this time it would also be possible to follow enemy ships.
3) Follow ship in attack position. This will make the ship try to catch up with the target ship. The ship will also try to position itself next to the target ship so that the cannons are ready to fire.
3) Patrol. This is also a known function in Anno. Declare an area and your ship would patrol around this.
4) Take a ramming course to a given target.

Then we would need a separate way to declare the ships combat targets. You could have a few options:

1) Fire at will. This will make the ship fire at any enemy that is in range. This could be in a normal engagement, a drive by shooting, or when the ship is following in attack position. But this will not change the ship's course. Declaring combat targets only affects at what the ship is shooting.
2) Select manual targets (possibly multiple). This will make the ship fire at the selected targets. Useful when using the follow ship in attack function, or for drive by shootings.
3) Defend target/area. This would be used with the follow ship and patrol functions. The ship would engage any ship that enters the patrol area, or any ship that would engage the target that you're following (if the target you're following is friendly of course).
4) Hold fire. This would prevent the ship from firing any weapons.

I am aware that the control overhaul explained here is not very ergonomic or easy to use. But this is the best I could come up with. I'm not a developer after all :p .

What also might be a handy thing is a way to switch easily between the legacy (basic) control system, and the new advanced control system. This would be handy in moments when you're not in combat.

And finally, I was also thinking about ship subsystems. This could be sails, steam engine, hull, weaponry, ... If we there would be subsystems we would also be able to target those subsystems. For example:

1) Fire below water level. This would be inaccurate, but when you have a successful hit, this would make this ship sink slowly.
2) Fire at sails, steam propulsion system. When a successful hit occurs it would slow down the ship or possible make it dead in the water.
3) Fire at weaponry. This could disable some of the enemies weapons with successful hits.
4) Auto fire/ hull fire. This would make the ship just fire at the target as a whole. If a subsystem is his it will still affect the ship though.

This subsystems idea might be a little too advanced for a game like Anno though. Let me hear your opinions!

All these ideas might cause some balance issues, but I just wanted to share these ideas. Since ship combat has always been so important in Anno, I think it deserves to be more advanced than what is was.

04-03-2018, 01:34 PM
Sounds like a good suggestion. Some new ways of sea combat would be nice, however I donít really like the idea of firing at specific parts, as I have the feeling this might make AIís too strong, having Anno 1404 in my mind with the AIís having unlimited coins.

However, what would also be nice is if you can click on a button on the ship which makes you able to attack other ships you have peace with, this causing war. (Again having Anno 1404 in my mind, I would prefer if attacking causes war, not first declaring, which of course should still be a way.

04-09-2018, 12:25 PM
We will already see a change in navel combat since there will now be wind speed and direction.
But i can fully agree with the sillyness of the ships stopping and turning. They should be able to shoot while on the move.
I remember making a topic out of this quite a long time ago.
Ships should still be only to fire maximum on the sides and only a small samage amount on the front and rear and when surrounded with enemies it should be able to fire in all 4 directions at once (wich will only happen in larger battles.)
Also armed trading ships should be firing at the enemy while moving without abandoning their trade route.

Diffrent stances like you suggested is something i can only encourage.
However precisive fire to damage diffrent attributes of the target is something wich is very realistic altough you must keep in mind that anno is an economic game and not really a wargame.
This would be to much here.