View Full Version : CheatEngine in R6 Siege

04-03-2018, 12:51 AM
Hey Guys,
so i wanted to test some new valkcam spots but i am getting annoyed by the fact that i only have 3 cams...
i want to know if it is safe to have Cheat Engine running while being offline/ in offline mode :confused:
if it is not safe, is there any other way to start a game with unlimited ammo/ unlimited gadgets ?
thanks ! :D

04-04-2018, 11:10 AM
Hello xXKEBAPkn1ghtXx,

BattlEye is always running in the game, no matter if you are playing offline. As such we would strongly advise against using any third party programs that edit or change game files.

Thank you

04-04-2018, 09:30 PM
thanks for the quick response !
okay then im not gonna use cheat engine :D