View Full Version : Ranked Duels - Failed Matchmaking + Penalty

04-02-2018, 04:47 PM
Hi, got this issue today in ranked 1v1 tournament: The first round went normal without any problems, but since then I got the message "Matchmaking failed" and lost every following round until the end. I really don't know what happened, I did nothing wrong but got a penalty of 45 minutes for ranked matches....
somebody experienced the same thing?

04-02-2018, 05:20 PM
I've also been getting this a lot in Ranked Duel mode. I'm in a lobby as I type this, in fact, and of the three other players, I've only been able to actually fight one of them. The other two matches disconnect and send me back to the lobby after a few seconds into the fight, and then 5-10 minutes later I'll get a "YOUR TEAM LOST!!!" shouted in my face and receive no money or XP but still get a penalty to my rank.

Granted, I do use a VPN so my connection is sometimes spotty. But I literally need to use a VPN or I can't find any games at all apart from Dominion and Duel (and after midnight I can't even find those) And the connection drops seem to be getting more and more frequent recently. Dedicated servers are, thus far, very underwhelming.

04-02-2018, 07:07 PM
Thanks for reporting the issues you've been experiencing. Can you guys please let us know which platforms you're playing on?

09-03-2018, 05:41 PM
My username is GanCan but in tournaments after the first match I get the Matchmaking Failed erroe and auto lode the matches after. Then I get a 10 min penalty for not being able to fight.

09-03-2018, 10:34 PM
Had the same issue on the weekend on PC. Started tournament but as soon as the game should load it errors out and you get a def win/loss. Tried restarting the game and other modes worked fine. I assume the same thing was happening for several people in the tournament as well since I got some wins due to forfeit too even tho I got errored out. At the end of all those lovely DC's I got served with a 30min penalty ^^