View Full Version : A New Part of the Forums. "HonorGen"

04-02-2018, 03:13 AM
A long running game that I enjoy is Warframe. It's a loot shooter that understands that making content takes time, so what they did is they allowed members of the community to submit ideas to them, which they take the best of, render them in game, and then offer them as "TennoGen" content (Tenno being the players). This community is constantly coming up with creative ideas and putting them in the Community Creations section.

My idea is add a "HonorGen" section where people can submit their own concept art for armors, execution and ornament ideas etc. We want to participate in the game so let people have their Highlander-Rock videos in CC, but let the players give in game ideas in "HonorGen". In Warframe with TennoGen they take an idea they like, model it up and then sell it with "Designed by PlayerX" or "Inspired by PlayerY". While "HonorGen" as a name might get Ubi in trouble, the concept still stands. We can make up more ideas than you can handle, you just take the ones you like best/are best fitting, takes a few weeks to make it in the engine, then let us buy it up and give more ideas.