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04-02-2018, 12:45 AM
For Honor is a cool game and while "weekly content" is cool and all, I'd like for it to stop or at least slow down. New battle outfits are added a lot, but I for one am not really interested in them. Instead I'd like to see "bi-weekly bug fixes", meaning every 2 weeks we get a patch where something is fixed or improved, one easy fix I can think of would be to give PK the sword in her "I am War" emote. I hate to sound condescending, but it feels like Ubi just waits and hopes people forget, so please, as developers, let us know that you still have passion for this game in a more obvious manner.
While the first battle outfits (Blood Spider, Mute's Winter) were fairly cool the weekly content for the past couple seasons feels dull and uninteresting, so give us the players things that will have at least a small impact on gameplay, because at least for me it would be more exciting to see "Invisible Weapon glitch fixed" rather than "New Impressionist art patterns available" when I log in to play. We all might be customers, but we're players first and foremost, players like to play minimally buggy games. We've had a lot of people leave due to bugs, I'd hate to see anymore go.

TLDR: Please give us some bug fixes every two weeks and maybe slow down weekly content to "every-other-week content" so there's more time to work on things that people will care about more.
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04-02-2018, 02:17 AM
Why? I for one love getting worthless outfits 3 weeks in a row. I all seriousness though I've been saying the weekly content isn't that good ever since season 2. Why is there not one new combat emote for SEASON 3 heroes that was like 6 months ago and they can't come up with one new batch of combat emotes in 6 months (not counting the snowball emote because its the same for every character)! Apparently they loved making outfits so much they even created a whole new kind, yay like we already don't have enough, even though they are unique but people by it for the mask effect not the outfit. I'd like to see some statistics (if they have any) of how many people actually buy these because I doubt it will be more than 20% of the player base.

All I'm asking is to make something different than outfits and effects for god sake I'm seriously getting tired of this.

04-02-2018, 03:24 AM
No weekly content would be better than battle outfits for purely psychological reasons