View Full Version : Starting BattlEye Service...

03-31-2018, 11:40 AM
Please for the life of me fix this issue!

I can't play the game since this has been popping up.
I searched google and people say it fixed by it's self. Yeah.. I would like a solution than a random waiting please.

So far, I have only restarted the computer, and please let it not be the reinstall rainbow again option! Because I live in Australia and we have limited download quota, I will have to wait till end of April to download it again.

04-01-2018, 02:11 AM
Still can not play the game. Look, its public holiday here in Australia with long *** weekend from Friday through to Monday. I work full time so usually I don't have much time to play. I was really looking forward to this weekend and this happens, is there absolutely no solution?

04-01-2018, 12:53 PM
yeah like others say, it fixed its self, I can not fathom what would cause this and why it just fixes its self.