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03-30-2018, 10:44 AM
Long story short, the game may be more stable now (fewer disconnections - they still exist) BUT there are HUGE issues with lag and packet loss. It's so bad that people can't play even 1v1.

Except my personal experience that became so much worse after the dedicated servers, me and everyone i'm playing with get lag and packet loss ALL the time, there is no match with no yellow warning symbols!

So, like the title implies, the lags for me indeed have gotten worse with the dedicated servers. Before their implementation like 1 out of twenty games had strong lags for me, now it feels like a 50/50 chance. My connection quality is always is good (and is also considered that by the game), none of the symbols that imply a bad connection appear and I have no problems in other games.

Same here. Ever since the servers switched on, I've had nearly constant yet minor lag. It's probably over 90% of matches where I'll get at least a few instances of hits turning into blocks, counters not working, characters becoming unresponsive, etc. It's really bad. I've gone entire evenings without having a fully-functional match, multiple times. Not to mention matchmaking problems, disconnects, and large numbers of bots in PvP.

The sound bug recently got worse as well, now all sound in the game is tinny and distant, even on menus.

It's Ubisoft, man. Shouldn't expect much else.

same for me, performance overall is at its worst

Yes. Lag, tp, unexpected behaviors, rollback.

The game is actually worse and feels clunky as hell. I'm very worried tbh.

Even bugs, like indicators not properly flashing in 1vX situations, specially when it comes to raider's unblockables.

Dedicated servers DO NOT HELP WITH LAG. in fact. Dedicated servers will generally have increased latency and lag spikes. And in a game where timing is so tight, itís a huge risk. Dedicated servers are very good with connection stability however.

Most fighting games use the P2P model because it has the lowest latency. For honor is fine in duels for the most part. But in 4v4s where there are 8 ppl trying to connect to each other simultaneously, the connection becomes weak.

I personally was very worried about dedicated servers since they announced it. If they can make an amazing lag compensation then Iíll be happy. But from what Iíve been seeing and read, doesnít look like it.

So no point quoting anymore, the majority of players have issues.

So PLEASE fix the lag or improve the servers because instead of keeping the game alive you are gonna kill it once and for all.

03-30-2018, 11:31 AM
We should wait month to get lag compesation. After last Den I will be not surprised if that compensation will be in Steel and excuses about lags.