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03-30-2018, 01:48 AM
Dodge, no matter how its timed or what direction does not work majority of the time. Combos do not work majority of the time. I know how to push buttons, the character doesnt know how to respond to the buttons. I have seen my sword literally go through an opponents head and the strike doesnt register. I have seen opponents, mid air, rotate a full 90 degrees to hit me and ignore my dodge, multpile times in single duels. Shield break appears to be impossible to dodge for some stupid reason. I have only played this game for a few weeks, im guessing this was some lame attempt to nerf the character at some point as I rarely see another pk in 1v1 but it has just become ridiculous and has put me off the game. Exactly the type of character I want to play but constantly left vulnerable thanks to these problems. Cant even keep up with other fast classes because of this. Fix it, because this is a joke. Im fine losing a good fight but this is just stupid at this point. Fix it....

04-02-2018, 07:52 PM
This may be a situation where some video footage would be useful. While we have things like lag compensation and additional balance work coming up, there could be some rare occurrences of issues that we've not been able to reproduce. If you have any examples of this, post them up here and I'm happy to pass those over to the fight team.

04-03-2018, 02:37 PM
This may be a situation where some video footage would be useful. While we have things like lag compensation and additional balance work coming up, there could be some rare occurrences of issues that we've not been able to reproduce. If you have any examples of this, post them up here and I'm happy to pass those over to the fight team.

That's not true. PK zone has been an issue for around a year by now. No reason at all to still be seeing that kind of issue. I don't want you to feel like i am attacking you but unfortunately that is the truth. Something like that is not acceptable in a video game industry. I(f this continues there will be no player base left or someone will develop a similar game that is polished and functional.

04-11-2018, 03:14 AM
Agreed, I have read many posts since my threads that leave little to no hope...

04-11-2018, 10:54 AM
I would silently add that the PK's "War! I am war." (don't know the actual name) emote is broken too. The sword doesn't appaer in her hand.

04-11-2018, 01:07 PM
I've read your post but i didn't understand..
I am rep 8 with Pk and i have really no problems playing with him or bugs etc.

PK has some char against which she is weak like Zerk but it is still a death machine and you can escape a lot of difficults situaton with her amazing mobility and then not be killed a lot.
Just sometimes difficult to open good defensive char who turtle like LB, Conq or Jarl.

04-11-2018, 01:29 PM
If the opponent is unwilling to try parrying you, and has the reflexes to block, the pk has no way to attack at all. You can throw out 20 heavies of course for the block damage, then wait for that last killing hit, but by doing so, you have to completely give out all your mixups. In 4v4, the opponent just blocks, then someone will eventually arrive to help him, and the pk is very weak against multiple opponents (short range, predictable moveset, low damage on the faster moves). I won't deny that her zone or back dodge is op, but with her, you can simply sit back and call a crisis council together to figure out a way against her, because she won't deal any damage until you attack her, you have minutes to plan fighting back. I honestly don't get how can anyone think that she is better than the glad or shaman, with not even one way to at least force a dodge or parry. And that would be okay is she would be a heavy, but she is an assasin. Her job is to kill people quickly behind enemy lines, capture the zone, then retreat when outnumbered, but she completely fails this job if the enemy just waits out.

04-11-2018, 03:42 PM
Well if the opponent is doing absolutly nothing then yes it makes things more difficult like i said.
But even in this case.. when you dodge just in front of the opponent.. he didn't know if you gonna land the dash attack, land the zone, Gb, or just land a lights..
Zone and lights are so fast than even if the guy do nothing, you gonna score one at a moment and then try another or land a heavy feinted for lights again or GB or Bleed etc

Yes PK is not the best at opening a defensive player and it makes her job (to kill fast) difficult sometimes but first not every char can just wait with a PK attacking and she has her speed which allow you to do well anyway.

In my experience i didn't have that problem in 4vs4 because people use to be active .. but yes in duel or brawl people just do Nothing when facing PK and that's horrible .
And obviously Pk is not a good char for 1vsfew but then you can just try to escape the fight she's good at running :D

But i feel it's a good char not broken at all...i have good performance with her and stats shows she was still the most effective char on all the game at the end of season 4 :)

Sure when you look at her mooveset Glad and Shaman looks better but i still have a better K/D ratio with PK than Shaman (i would not include Glad because i am very bad with him:nonchalance:)

04-11-2018, 09:55 PM
K/D ratio can be a good factor to evaluate your skill with the character, but there are too much factors to make it a safe way. I have rep 20 with pk, and I have about 55%, I have more deaths than kills on my old main (warden), and my K/D is about 75% with the raider (only rep 2). Maybe it's because the raider is better for my playstyle, but I don't even know the max punishes with him, and my mixups are very basic (compared to my pk mixups anyway). I think I simply had less experienced opponents when playing raider, or I did not keep giving 10 rematches for clearly more skilled players.

The problem is, the guardbreak is reactable, you have low chance of getting one against a calm, still standing opponent. The only times when you get it with pk is when you catch someone back dodging, or deflect something with no fast followup. And even if you score three stabs, your opponent can still turtle up and call reinforcements. Or even dodge like he wants, because when he is bleeding from a guardbreak stab, he won't suffer guardbreak bleed until it wears off (which is quiet stupid). The zone is very fast, but if the opponent keeps the guard there, he/she can move the guard in time to block lights. You might get a zone with a feint, but that means you are exhausted for 20 damage. The dodge attack is good for mixups if the opponent actually tries to parry/counter some moves, but it's otherwise kinda slow, and since it's unfeintable, it's safe to go for the punish. And I can totally understand the players turtling, she is very fast and deals insanely high damage (with the guaranteed bleed followup, her neutral heavy is the strongest, even stronger than the bigger char's top heavy attacks), and she has an universal answer for every counter attempt: the heavy into guardbreak. Her damage should be nerfed, but she really needs some real openers.

04-12-2018, 09:14 AM
Well i just can agree man... if the guy is a warden and do nothing at all (i took warden because this is the vanguard with who people are turtling), then it is sometimes very hard to open him.
And at the end he just get revenge or some help.

That's why i think you're right she needs a balancing.. maybe less dammages but more options to open.
I've read the ubi devs think about 2 things for her :
1/ Reduce her back dash distance which is far too safe right now and Mayber reduce a bit the speed of the zone but they're not sure on this second point
2/ Implemant a more efficient use (for opening turtle) of the stab bleed feint on heavy

So this is a good thing i believe.

But like the owner of the thread and some guys said.. i really don't agree there are some problems with her dash or things like that... PK dash is sooo good, it makes you safe even from the shaman dash...

04-12-2018, 03:30 PM
The oos dashes of any assasin are unfairly good, they can escape the bad situations they are in for their own fault. I think I will keep maining the pk regardless of the changes, but I had multiple suggestions against oos back dodge (the most radical was implanting a chance for anyone back dodging to automatically fall, keep walking backwards hastily while exhausted has that risk in real life). Her damage is clearly too good, every heavy has a 15 damage bleed followup (the guardbreak is fine, a bit more damage than the avarage, but she doesn't get an execution and not instantly kills). Her zone is insanely fast, and it really doesn't take more to win a basic fight than spamming it and mixing it up with some lights and heavy-guardbreak feints. However, that's really only true for 1v1s, and even there, I had a warden opponent once who kept blocking without throwing a single attack, and as bad as he was, the tree round lasted 9 minutes long. In 4v4, he would had revenge, and the warden with the anti-bleed feat is invulnerable anyway. By the way, this means she can't pressure oos opponents, they can just block and be fine (a little block damage what they suffer). I would really trade a third of her damage and her zone for better mixups and unblockables.