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03-29-2018, 07:10 PM
Going to start off by saying that I'm not going to be talking about aoe feats because I feel they have been talked about enough. I also am not going too in depth into my reasoning (right now) as to why I think they need a buff or Nerf I'm just going to group them together and say my opinion, I also would like to see what others think of these feats.

Buff: come at me (warden), phalanx (centurion), roar of the crowd (gladiator), regenerate (multiple heroes), bloodlust (valkyrie), crossbow (peacekeeper), throwing axe (berserker), arrow strike (nobushi), champion's aura (highlander), berzerker (berserker), and stalwart banner (multiple heroes).

Nerf: kiai (multiple heroes), stun and bear traps (multiple heroes), sharpen blades (multiple heroes), unblockable (kensei), nukekubi and yama yama uba aka stamina and health regen on hit (Shinobi), rock steady (multiple heroes), stealth (multiple heroes), uninterruptible (conqueror), tough as nails (warlord), punch through (multiple heroes), and last laugh (peacekeeper).

03-29-2018, 08:47 PM
The only feat atm I can think of should be buffed is
arrow strike (nobushi). its damn near useless.

I do not think traps needs nerfing because they only work when your opponent does not see it. I use traps a lot and ever since they made them easier to dodge they aren't as effective anymore. which is fine they can get out of hand if there is too many of them.

other than that there is a list of feats that I think need nerfing.

rock steady (multiple heroes) this wouldn't have been an issue if they would have only kept it only on heavies. I think to make this feat balance is to give it a short 5-10 cooldown every time they were supposed to trip. That way theres still chance to knock them down if you continue to pressure.

stealth (multiple heroes) to me this wouldn't be an issue if certain debuffs/feats didn't work on them, I think they should still be able to be targeted by other feats

unblockable (kensei) I never played him but I think using this feat should prevent you from feinting as well as having a shorter duration.If not that then simply reducing the damage you can give as a trade-off would be fine as well.
Kensei is really good now and feat like this is way too powerful since the turtle meta been axed.

Feats that buffs the characters stats should not be buffed in my opinion. how strong do you need to be to fight someone or a group? Season one revenge build strong?

03-29-2018, 08:49 PM
I think Arrow Strike needs to be brought up to Catapult level of effectiveness, OR Catapult needs to be nerfed a tad. But the incongruence between them, being level 4 feats, doesn't really make sense. Also I feel like the targeting for Arrow Storm is inconsistent, especially if you're calling it at B where there are minions.