View Full Version : A New Hero Suggestion for Upcoming Seasons.

03-29-2018, 07:49 AM
Well Well :D



Yieeayaahh ! a Gunslinger with Guns and Incredible Reflexes. His only Mission and Purpose of Existence ; Keeping The Justice !!
NOT Only a Noob and Abuser Magnetizer but also very very very Beneficial for For Honors Image.
Since this game is full of Fantasy . Why not a Cowboy with actual Guns ?

Gender: Man Woman Trans Homo ( To avoid Sexism and Racism. Encourage Equality and Diversity )
Hero Type : Ranger
Guard Type : Vanguard + Assassinguard Combined.
Weapons : Primary :2 American Revolvers Secondary : Shotgun/Midrange Rifle

Special characteristics

Range: Whole Map
Lasso : Guardbreaker
Flipshop: Backdash ( Spammable)
Hyperarmor: Uninterruptible while Performing a Combo.
Unblockable : Bullets are Unblockable
Unparryable: Bullets are Unparryable
Deflect : Bullets/BladeStrikes for a Headshot trade + Bleed Effect
Stunshot : Slows Enemy Down ( Unable to dodgeback)
Bulletrain : Drains Stamina below 1 and Stuns Enemy Forever.
Piercearmor : Pierces Hyperarmor

Moveset and Combos

Bang Bang! : Left, Right.
Kill Bill : Left, Left, Right
Dust (secondary): Left,Left + Holdright
Bull's Eye: HoldRight , Left+Right
Fakeshot: Holdright+holdgb
Desperado: Pierces Hyperarmor for 10 Seconds.
Flipshot : Just Dodge !! :D
Stunshot Gb+Left
Bulletrain: Dash+gb
Hasta la Vista : Holdright for 10 Seconds 1 Shot 1 Kill

I Hope you Like it :D