View Full Version : Xbox One X - Controller issues

03-27-2018, 10:23 PM
I received my copy of the game after having a hard time deciding whether I should pick up the PC or the Xbox One X copy. I decided on the Xbox copy as I have a nice Sony 4K TV with HDR and knew it would look amazing at a higher resolution. I was not wrong, the game looks amazing and I was amazed by it, but I have a rather big issue with the game.

I have gone through several searches online but cannot find anything about controller issues. I am having a problem with the controller (specifically the right stick) as the movement feels like it has some sort of input lag. The default controller sensitivity is way too much so I have had to turn it down a bit, but it does not get rid of this horrible input lag feel. I am wondering whether this was intentional, as I never experienced this with previous Far Cry games (have played them all). Surely the controls are not meant to be this sluggish?

That is the only issue that is stopping me from enjoying the game properly. My TV has very little input lag (also using game mode), and all other games I play have no lag so it is not my hardware.