View Full Version : Uplay doesn't find the file

03-27-2018, 04:08 PM
I've just downloaded for the second time far cry 5 and it doesn't launch once again
Uplay is telling me to find the far cry folder. I click on it then press ok, it tells me that all the files are in the good spot, then it closes. When i click play another time the same window appears telling me to find the far cry 5 folder
Help me please, I could play an hour ago and now i can't, even after downloading it again

03-27-2018, 04:28 PM
I'm having the same issue

03-27-2018, 04:30 PM
I first exited Uplay and installed UplayInstaller.exe in Far Cry 5\Support\Software\GameLauncher\. Started Uplay and the Play button turned into an Update button. A 161MB update was downloaded and now Far Cry 5 started successfully.

Good luck!

03-27-2018, 05:25 PM
Hey nvwieren2, thanks for sharing your workaround! Verifying files in Uplay may also help. (https://support.ubi.com/en-US/faqs/000019000/Install-Uninstall-Verify-A-Game-in-Uplay/) :)

03-27-2018, 07:27 PM
It worked also for me. Thanks m8