View Full Version : My crazy idea for a cent rework

03-26-2018, 05:46 PM
Hey guys today I bring you a completely different way to look at cent. Now since this is such a drastic rework I highly doubt it will get past this thread but I hope you guys have some positive feedback on this. So let’s begin:

First of the reason this rework is drastic is because I’m giving cent a shield ( think ryze son of Rome style) he will still be a hybrid but he would no longer be a melee specialist istead he would be more of a mixup brawler. I’m gonna point out some of these changes in steps so they make sense. Also cent loses his cutscene combo but the first charged heavy pin will still be there. I’ll explain why in this.

1. His charged heavies now do a little more than average heavy damage and a little bleed. The catch? It can not be followed up. The animation will be him short jump pin but instead he will move the blade slightly up and push them off with this shield.

2. He will have a new mix up move called eagles cry. He will slam the bottom of his shield into the ground yelling “fear me” or similar any opponents immediately in front of him are staggered and can be followed up with a light that goes into his combos. This is triggered by back GB same idea as glad. Now this has a short startup that can be soft feinted into GB if they want to dodge it. This can be triggered after attacks or mid combo.

3. He will now have a full block. This is very similar to conq. When activated he will yell “ I/we am/are legion” or similar. When the block is successful the cent will stab his opponent in the gut then rip it out of him. He will yell “pathetic or weak” or similar. He cannot combo this and it will do a little more than a reg heavy of damage. This will have a startup at the other full blocks so it can’t be spammed.

4. His kick and parry punish: his kick will be slower now but can wall splat. It is does good stamina damage and shoves them a good distance. If close enough to a wall it can be filled by a charged heavy. His parry punish will have him use the top of shield and rapidly stun them twice that can be followed with a light into combo.

5. He will have more health obviously and now not be so helpless without a wall to help. Not saying he is now but you can’t simply change numbers on the current cent. He will have a sprinting attack that is a buffed up version of eagles cry that stuns those immediately in front of him and cause stagger. Can not be followed up. His leap heavy will quicker.

Alright guys I have more ideas but I need to know thoughts on this stuff so far before I continue! Thank you for the time to read this and do it.