View Full Version : Improvements / Suggestions for the next Assassin's Creed game

03-26-2018, 05:43 PM

I'm a really big fan of the Assassin's Creed series, and I have to say I've enjoyed AC Origins a lot. I'm really looking forward to seeing a sequel with Bayek, but I'm not writing this because of that; here are some improvements or some suggestions I believe would make the next game of the series - even if it isn't a sequel - better:

- Quests: I really like the amount of secondary quests in AC Origins but they felt kind of a bit too repetitive. I would try not to send the main character so many times to resque some random character who has a mission for him. The concept isn't bad at all, but I guess it's been overused.

Also, talking about quests, I really felt something has to change: main character should definitely not be introduced in secondary quests because not everybody plays them and then they get kind of confused - a good example would be Tahira, from Assassin's Creed Origins; she suddenly appeared in the main story without knowing of her before, and after finishing the game I played a quests where I met her for the first time. Inconsistent. I would personally leave the main character for the main quests or also make the players play the secondary quests as a compulsory activity to be able to follow up with the next main quest.

- Character movement: I got introduced to AC by Black Flag; I really enjoyed it and then I heard of AC Unity. When I first saw its gameplay, I got shocked by the character's movement. It was so much better than AC Black Flag. But then in AC Origins I think you have taken a step back in terms of parkour and general movement. I hope it gets a bit refreshed for the next game with some cool and useful movements.

- Assassins Training: this tip is exlusive for a possible AC Origins preguel. I would really love the prequel to focus on how Assassins are trained, where they live, etc. Maybe Bayek could be sort of an Ezio when talking about training other Assassins and looking after them. Also, I'd love to be told how the creed expands all over the world - or Europe and Africa by that time. It would be amazing to recruit new Assassins - like you recruited pirates in AC Black Flag. In addition to that, I would like to see the base returning to the games, being able to improve it and all that stuff. Imagine how great it would be to, for example, see your unequipped mounts in your base waiting - I know it's just a detail but it would be awesome.

- Stealth: AC has always been a game about stealth mainly, but in AC Origins stealth got pretty lost. I would like to see it come back and improve a lot because, for example, smoke bombs don't make many sense in AC Origins because you can't thrown them wherever you want to and you have to expose youself before the enemies.

- Enemies: I'd like to see more NPCs as it's kind of repetitive seeing the same enemies all the time. Also, I'd love its intelligence to improve - even though it really did in AC Origins- because, for example, they may see a corpse and just ignore it.

- Main Characters: I believe the main character of the game should have at least some friends. For example, in AC Origins, Bayek ends up being completely alone - SPOILER ALERT, Aya leaves, Tahira dies, Sutekh dies too. And I'm not saying that death is a problem for friends, as that could trigger some storylines, but at least make them a bit more fun to talk and be with when they are alive.

-Setting: I really like Ancient Egipt, but I honestly felt less cozy rather than a big Rome or Firenze. Also, Alexandria didn't really feel like a city but as a normal village with more houses. I really miss to feel as if I were in a huge city where lots of stuff is happening, where you can go for a walk at night and see different activities, where you can do some parkour, etc, I'm not saying I just want a huge city and that's it, because I love the idea of creating a big map, with villages, cities, countryside, etc. You could do like a really huge city and make it extremely alive, with lots of people, lots of exclusive activities you can only do inside the city, with even different music than in the countryside, but then also create a really big map with villages, the countryside, mountains, rivers, forests, etc. and make it alive too.

- Difficulty: now this is also important. I reallt need some more difficulty to the game. I'm not talking about recieving more damage and enemies being stronger, but about more challenging quests, where you're motivated to do them stealthily, camps with more reinforcements, etc.

- Modern Day: I really love the fact of having a new modern day character, Layla, but I really want to play quests with her in the modern day, to interact with people, to build an interesting story.

I think this would be it for now, but if I come up with new ideas I'll make sure to write them down in a new post. Thanks for your attention and I hope these can improve the following games.