View Full Version : Why Bronze Age Egypt is better as setting than Ptolemaic Egypt

03-25-2018, 05:52 PM
We all have played AC Origins, the newest game in the series(not conunting the Rogue Remaster) and perhaps the one good thing after a long while of Annulization and milking of the series that created the most pretentious games in the series like Unity and Rougue.

Here in this threat, I want to discuss why I think bronze age Egypt would have been a better choice than Ptolemaic Egypt. With no further do here are my reasons for why it's the Case:

1.Much more Original and more Interesting: If we all think of Egypt, we will think of Sand, Pyramids, Mummies and Pharaohs, but speaking of Pharaohs, what do the masses know of them anyway? If you asked a person, which Pharaoh they know the most, they will say Cleopatra, because of pop culture and her role as Seducer of Ceaser and Anthony(despite this image being very much debunked by Historians, at least in the common sense), but guess what, Her Story and this image of Pharaohs sucks. She is considered to be a bad ruler by most Classical Historians and History buffs, due to her incopetence and failure to defend Egypt from Rome. Such a Ruler shouldn't be even used for a Egyptian setting and more or less the Dynasty her ancestors started, they not not interesting or intellectual and only pretend that her reign was the most important or noteworthy Period in Egyptian history, which is not True. Egypt's greatest age and Dynasty was the one that started with Ramses's Family and has a lot of interesting stuff and events in it that makes it surperior like the Sea people invasion, the rise of Ramses II, the war with the Hittites and the Harem Conspiracy with Ramses III. You can read about it in Wikis or articles, it's Objectively better than Ptolemaic Egypt.

2. The more ancient, the more Isu it is: Let's face it, they got a pretty bad wrap over the years after the annulization and destruction of Desmond's storyline and deserve to be made more revelant in the future, since Juno is still doing her thing and apparently, no Human weapon can kill her, so we need some PoE to finish this Job. They need more love and a very religious and superstitious setting like the Bronze age, would make them much more relevant and allows for much more progress in building the lore a bit up, so that we can have new pieces of Eden and a direction going on.

3. More artistic creativity: Older periods of History have bigger holes than more modern ones like Rome and would have allowed Ubi to fill these gaps with Creativity and new characters that could allow them to care less and less about Historical accuracy(which ruined AC a bit tbh) than other time periods, maybe they cpuld implant Moses in the story, whcih would make an interesting story if we think about it.

4. Not being the Origin of the Assassins: AC Origins is a good story, but a terrible backstory, they should have kept the Origins of the Assassins as being the idea of Eve and Adam or Lucifer(if he existsed in AC lore), because it ruined the lore a bit for me.

Tell me what you think and we can talk about it, but hopefully, be constructive and not insulting.