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03-24-2018, 10:53 PM
Currently I'm in an alliance, where without trying, I've somehow gain co-founder status, achieve number 1 donater every week (at least 420+), and the last 2 team events I was number 1 and 2 (number 2 being the result of entering legendary rank for the first time and getting my @$$ kicked).

I would really like to get into one of the top 10 teams from the last event.

Like I said;
I'm a frequent donater
active player.
Last 2 team events, I earned 20-30% extra of the event tokens.

Current Stats:
Legendary Rank: 3335
Tower Level: 15
Total Donation Points: 4634
Current Weeks: 506
Perfect PVP Victory Percentage: 25%

Contact me on here with your alliance name and let me know if your interested in me. Again, I prefer 1 of the top 10 teams from the last team event board, So NAMBLA, NAMBLINGS, etc.

Please, I need some activity, and I need already established structure, not relying partly on me to run the alliance. Lol I want to contribute with activity, not leadership.