View Full Version : Robo-Bebe - misleading stats

03-23-2018, 10:35 PM
Actually Robo-Bebe is a really great card imo, but I'm very disappointed about the misleading stats given to her!

1. She doesn't only increase her attak speed, but her overall speed (also her walking speed)! You should fix or at least announce that, as this can be a disadvantage if you don't know about it in first place.

2. It says, that her attak speed is increased by EVERY kill, but actually it seems to stop increasing after 3 kills iirc. You could at least state that somewhere and not let people find out by themselfs.

Actually that's not just about robo-bebe, a whole bunch of other cards also lack important information, like choirboy butters. Why don't you just state the exact amount of enery given by his deathwish?

Or is there any official documentation where I can look things like that up?

05-02-2018, 05:35 PM
I choirboy butters case then too many people would realize he's a crap epic and promptly replace with Astro, Paladin, or Deckhand all of which if played right can net you much more energy than choirboy ever can while dealing the same amount or more damage because the others are non-epics and easily leveled.