View Full Version : Surprisingly sensible Fan Theory. (AC WWII)

03-23-2018, 12:19 PM
I have pieced together an amazing fan theory based on the lore we have for Assassin's Creed during World War 2.
We know this much. (Spoilers?)
WWII was a false flag. The Templar's orchestrated all of it to cover up their activities. We also know that Hitler faked his death in the bunker but was killed by an Assassin on his way to a train.

So we know that the Templars essentially ran the world at the time. But despite this we know the Assassin's were at least active enough during WWII to actually attack and kill Hitler. The assassination wasn't performed during a particularly impressive time considering everyone already thought Hitler was dead, but they were resourceful enough to track him anyways.

So my fan theory revolves around the concentration camps. There is a concentration camp that was never mentioned in the history books for one important reason. When the Assassin's discovered these camps they attacked one and successfully freed its entire captive populace of Jews. Those that didn't immediately run for a safer place instead remained with the Assassin's and even joined them. It all makes sense if you think about it. Because this could explain why Desmond Miles looks kinda like a young Adam Sandler. He's related to one of the escaped Jews.

I personally believe that while controversial this idea would make for a fantastic game. Think about it. Playing as a freed jew saving others from the camps wouldn't be much worse than Adewale in Freedom Cry saving African's from slavery. It still shows how the oppressors were evil while allowing you to easily sympathize with the main character.