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03-23-2018, 02:12 AM
For quite a while, people have been clamouring for a siege style game. While it is not something that I would be adverse to, to me it has always sounded quite linear, one team tries to attack the objective,one team tries to defend it. Realistically, I believe this will turn into skirmish with a few environmental things to hit.

I was thinking recently about how one of the stated aims for For Honor was to enter the esport kind of market, while this is at least a few balance passes away from being possible, I was thinking about what team based esports have done well outside of 1v1 combat. One of the biggest warrior based esport games I have seen televised was League of Legends and their chosen mode for competition is one that I think For Honor could draw some inspiration from and would be comparable to a siege mode.

I have not played league of legends, so my understanding is not as in depth as some but from what I could gather, it was played on a map large enough that fog of war was employed and meaningful, teams could choose to go on an all out blitz but more valuable tended to be placing and attacking enemy scout tools that opened a little of the map. Minions were there to be a nuisance and to farm,the ultimate aim was to destroy the opposing team's gates and then their objective, so pretty close to what people have been calling for. At set times, there were set piece events where a strong enemy would appear and the team that got the last hit and so the kill had a bonus such as stronger minions.

Now obviously For Honor can't just crib the whole game mode, but there are a few things that would transfer well across. Teams could not go in a 100% rolling death ball, the map was too big and there was too much to do. Player deaths put a team at a serious disadvantage and a team wipe was inconvenient at best, often in the latter stages fatal. Some of the tools needed for a similar game mode are already in the game in the soldiers and, if they could be made less linear, some of the campaign mode maps might well be large enough.

Ultimately what I would like to see in a mode similar is soldiers being more than just there to be killed, maps where the spawn points for gates and objectives are large enough they can be in two or three different locations, smaller objectives that encourage a team to use all four members at different points of the map (searching, dispelling the fog of war, defending) so that the best route is not a rolling skirmish and maybe a set piece event where either a 4v4 is encouraged or an objective will bring three or four of both teams together to try to claim an edge.

03-23-2018, 02:37 AM
The way I'd envision a Siege Mode in For Honor, is the attackers trying to besiege a castle or fortress, and the defenders trying to stop the siege. This of course implies taking down the castle's defenses through using environmental ballistae / catapults etc to fire at the walls and stationed outposts / archer towers. These ballistae / catapults require first capturing their "zones". This would be the first stage.
Upon the attackers successfully passing the first stage (which would be relatively easy), the match enters second stage, where the attackers are intent on wrecking the gate with a siege machine. They'd have to guard the siege machine while marching towards the castle. Upon destroying the front gates and crossing through, and then once the attackers are inside it turns the defending team into breaking, and they'd have to stand and fight (stage three).

The involved maps would of course be huge to fit varied terrain, 8 players, minions, soldiers, and a siege machine in two stages.

While far from properly refined, I do believe it would hold a truer meaning to how For Honor adapts a massive 8v8 tactical warfare game mode, especially given that some of this is already present in the "story" mode.

However, I like your suggestion in that, it essentially formulates a more user-friendly Siege Mode and it only requires the attacker team to destroy the frontal gates of a stronghold (though not sure how without the assist of big warfare weaponry or something), and then capture some objective inside, effectively mixing Skirmish, Dominion, and Tribute all-in-one.

I don't know, myself. I for one would prefer a deep, immersive 8v8 warfare that's at least 20mins or 25mins long (and you wouldn't even feel the time), however I think your suggestion would go better if this was a triple team warfare. Three teams of 4s, each team belonging to a Faction, all of the teams attempting to destroy a colossal, massive gate that requires a lot to be taken down. Players would have to use catapults and ballistae to deal decent damage to the gate, and these catapults and ballistae require occupying zones. And then of course, minions and soldiers would incessantly spawn to try and stop the players. The team that manages to break the massive gate lands the win.

The gate in question isn't physically accessible, you have to use environmental warfare weaponry to damage it, all while capturing zones and clearing minions. Some other things like the longer a team holds a certain zone could yield small damage boosts or something. deathballing would still be unfavorable, but isn't completely out of the equation either.

The massive gate has three "stages" of destruction, each stage being clearly visible by how much damage it had taken. We would have three filling bars at the top right corner, that fill up total damage dealt to gate per team. The first team to for example reach 5,000 damage successfully breaks the massive gate. The gate's stages are 750, 2,000, and 4,000.

Nevertheless, you got my upvote, I like this train of thoughts. Still 500 times better than the Dominion we have now.

03-23-2018, 03:08 AM
That, my good friends, is one of the greatest ideas I have heard in a while.

03-23-2018, 03:46 AM
The fog of war example of course comes from many games, I'm imagining a MOBA-esqe siege mode, or perhaps more comparably, a capture/move the point from Overwatch with the ideas above.

Basically what you said Fady117:

Defend your siege machine (similar to the campaign but smaller) as you capture checkpoints the enemy team is trying to defend. Progress can be slowed by fighting, but also bowman on ramparts killing the minions moving the machine. Using a catapult captured (like dominion) by fighting your way to it and killing the point boss (say a Test Your Metal boss if you want to do something with factions, and/or have a bit of a PvE element) you can now use it to kill the bowman on the ramparts allowing the machine to get to the wall. End stage 1.

The tricky part is making it feel like a seige mode without making the combat mechanics feel pointless.

Stage 2: taking down the wall.
Well what do you know? One of the earlier points you captured gave you access to siege ladders (IDFK) now you can assault the ramparts to increase the speed of the of the wall being destroyed, but this would be diffucult...

In trying to think of opportunities that give the attackers a chance to get an advantage, a strategic point the defenders want to keep.

...perhaps a capture point at the top of the ramparts (a large enough area), once captured the attackers can then move to the back of the gate, this point would be available for a limited time, when it is captured the timer for the wall would speed up. (Open for suggestions on different mechanics, just trying to think of something), eventually the gate is down and you enter the next area, minions storming the place. End stage 2

Stage 3: The attackers now have to kill the commander (another TYM boss) When/if the boss is killed, defenders go into Last Stand.

I imagine these stages would have individual time limits the attackers have to beat to proceed.

Any addition ideas to this ridiculous on the spot game mode? Maybe it could actually work.

03-23-2018, 04:02 PM
Some really great ideas. I especially like the fog of war and protecting/activating siege weapons and castle defenses. There are so many cool things from the story campaign like the mobile battering ram and the bridge launcher device that could be used to good effect.

03-23-2018, 11:25 PM
I would definitely perefere a Siege Mode, but not that shallow like Dominion is.

There should be a lot going on with siege equipment, different minion types and all that should be influencable by the player in some strategic way.
Minion command should be a part, unique siege tools should be a part. And it should at least take 20-25 minutes.

I was always playing with the thought for Siege Mode and Dminion to have something like pre-battle-equipable minion cards, that allow you to take individual minion types and mixes to the field and command them in a simple window or maybe in an new register in the existing quick-chat function.

For Honor really needs something bigger and complex!