View Full Version : Inasne frame stutter and low fps

03-23-2018, 12:06 AM
I don't think i ever played a dominion game where the fps wouldn't jump all over the place, starts with 5 fps , jumps to 60 fps for few seconds than to 30 fps than again to 60 than to 5 and its like this all game long, i mean i bought this game because of the dedicated servers since i played the beta i liked it but i hated the p2p servers, and now i come and its even worse? Duels are fine 60 fps at all times without a single drop but in dominion the frame stutter is insane not matter what settings i use low, medium, high ,extreme its all the same, while in the beta i played with constant 60 fps so what is the issue here? (1060 gtx, 16gb ram bla bla, yeah i know its not my pc)