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03-22-2018, 10:21 PM
I really love the new Abba dances under Gimme Gimme on Just Dance Unlimited.

The natural skin tones, as opposed to the white makeup that the modern dances feature, appeals to me. But more important, I felt like the dancers' motions looked more three-dimensional than usual, and it helped me to see the moves better. A lot of the tricky moves for me occur when they involved motion or leaning toward or away from the screen. It's nice to see the move right the first time, then I feel like the challenge is to pull the move off well, whereas in other dances I sometimes feel like the challenge is knowing a little trick.

Although some of these dances are slower, I still see subtleties in the choreography, like subtle leans to the side or a subtle outward bend of one knee (when the dominant motion involves an arm). Many of the motions have two arms moving, or an arm and a leg moving, simultaneously, which often makes the move more difficult to pull off (as an example, it took me a while to get my arms and legs coordinated properly for Cake by the Ocean, especially since the arm moving downward seemed to strongly factor into the Kinect scoring—it's intuitive to focus on the rising hand not the lowering hand, which makes that move harder). As an example of how a slow dance can still be difficult, Bad Liar is a relatively difficult dance with Kinect. Sometimes it can also be a challenge to make a slow move smoothly or to keep yourself from going too fast. I like having a few slower dances mixed in, as they help to balance the physical and fast dances.

Another feature I noticed is that the scored moves don't begin immediately in all of these dances. I love this. Especially on the world dance floor, sometimes due to connectivity or lags, or whatever the reason, the music begins a few seconds before the video appears on the screen. For this reason, I usually start the song Rockabye out with a Good, simply because the first scored moves starts before I actually see it on the screen. I like dances like the new Gimme Gimme and like Daddy Cool that have a short intro at the beginning before the scored moves begin. Also, in multiplayer dancing with Kinect, you need to stand in a certain position at the beginning of the dance, but sometimes it's desirable to move over once it registers you position. When the scored moves don't begin immediately, it's a little more comfortable to get set into the song. As an example of where this is a problem, I give Another One Bites the Dust. With the Abba dances that I've tried so far, they included a short unscored intro, which was a relaxing way to get into the song.

Thank you for adding 7 new dances into Unlimited.

03-23-2018, 11:02 AM
Hey there greekphysics,

Thank you very much for the nice feedback! We're very happy to hear you appreciate the latest additions to JDU. :)

We'll make sure to share your nice words and impressions with the rest of our team.