View Full Version : Any word when older AC games on PS4 will go on sale?

03-22-2018, 09:18 PM
I only bought the Ezio collection on the sale a few weeks ago and wow I loved it more than I thought I would. I just beat AC:II and it was incredible, I'm working on Brotherhood atm - its a noticeable dip in quality from AC:II but still fun. I wanted to get AC:4 + DLCs and Syndicate (I found Unity cheap its coming in the mail it doesn't have many DLC so I wasn't too worried about them not being on sale) but they are way, way overpriced for games that are older. It looks like only the PC verisons of the games are on sale atm for the Spring Sale and all the PS4 games are sold out, is there any word on when the next sale will be for PS4 and if the Ubisoft store will restock? I started with origins so now that I played AC:II I'd like to go in order (I wish AC1 + 3 were on ps4) but I guess I'll do Unity next unless a sale happens soon.

Edit: Also is the Syndicate Limited Edition worth getting? It says that it has missions that are not included in the DLC, I guess I could get that and wait for the season pass to go on sale but would I be missing out on anything good?

03-22-2018, 09:34 PM
Hmm, not sure. Nothing's been announced yet, as far as I know. Usually in the middle of the month, the Flash sale has some pretty phenomenal deals, so I usually check out the PS store then.

As for Syndicate- personally, I think the standard edition is fine. I would suggest the Jack the Ripper DLC, though.

03-24-2018, 01:45 AM
Did they patch the bug where the Jack the Ripper DLC jacked up the carriage chases? If not, I would recommend finishing the game before installing JtR DLC.

OP, I would definitely get a copy that includes the Dreadful Crimes DLC. It was a PS4 exclusive bonus but eventually came out for PC. Hopefully you can still get it.

PS Store has sales at unpredictable times. It seems like they had a Ubisoft sale a few weeks ago. Have you considered buying used? I'm don't know where you are but there are some deals at Game Stop, Walmart, or even ebay.

The later games are more stand alone (especially Unity) than the first 5 (AC1 - AC3), so you don't necessarily have to play them in release order. There will be some tiny spoilers for games you skipped (and a bigger one in AC4 for the end of AC3), but at this point you are probably aware of them anyway. You might also discover an Easter egg or throwback to an earlier game that you won't find quite as meaningful. Nothing huge in that department.