View Full Version : For Honor speed-dating gamemode

03-21-2018, 09:39 PM
What I want is a mode where there's only 1 map with 1 fighting ground, so you pick the gamemode and it goes into a loading screen and loads the map. Then you are sent to the character select screen where you...well you know. After you do that, players are put into a queue and are matched to an opponent. Then you fight in a 1-round duel, and
whether you win or lose at the end you are both offered a "hold B to rematch" where, if you both agree, you fight again. If you don't vote for a rematch then a new opponent is loaded in and you fight then and repeat until you're done. If you quit, your opponent wins and there's no penalty because it's meant to be casual, and during the victory/defeat screen before your next opponent is loaded up you have the option to go back to character select.

This here is the way I've always wanted to play FH, and recently I haven't been enjoying 4v4 as much as I used to. Unfortunately I've never been into Duel, I feel like it goes on too long. I don't want to sit through a potential 4-5 rounds where this Raider picks apart my whole strategy, while my dumb fat fingers have to figure out his. Also, it's too personal. 95% of hatemail I've ever gotten in this game has been in 1v1, because at a base human level it's an offensive notion that you spent hundreds of hours refining your feints and mastering your combos, and then doodtheman picked Shinobi and cheesed you with lights until he could ledge you cause he's a little *****.